French Montana – A Lie ft. The Weeknd, Max B

French Montana – A Lie ft. The Weeknd, Max B

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(C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment/Bad Boy Entertainment

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20 Responses

  1. Hilawi Siferaw says:

    I love the weekend say ♡♡♡♡

  2. DonHicham12 says:

    can the weeknd fans stop with their shitty comments ” the song is his… if he featuring it becomes his song….” the weeknd agreed to feature in the song so why the Butthurt !? probably French has written all the lyrics and made the music for it like he did for Unforgettable he even fucking co-directed it! so it’s his fucking song deal with it !

  3. i'm a goner says:

    if the weeknd is featuring a song, its his fucking song

  4. •Itz Belen• says:

    Who is here before 1 million views 🔥

  5. MrMentalToughness says:

    Free Max B – R.i.p. Chinx

  6. LanaDelRey VEVO says:

    The Weeknd ft.some niggas

  7. MiG0 ‍ says:

    When The Weeknd gets on a song it’s his song now LMAO XOTWOD

  8. Jrue says:

    French: “it’s my song”
    The Weeknd: “that’s a lie. a lie a lie a lie”

  9. Noel BABU says:


  10. Rickk Panero says:

    Whos here for MAX B… Free the wave! 🤘

    if you dont know go to sleep. you new age fools

  11. Justus Harts says:

    The Weeknd – A lie ft. French Montana, Max B

  12. bullet speed says:

    if it aint xo its a lie

  13. Alison Romantic says:

    Who love this song ?

  14. gatorzilla 52 says:

    am i the only one here for montana

  15. Zahraa Salem says:

    Here for my baby The Weeknd 🖤

  16. Jonthewatermelonking says:

    Fuck all the weekend comments its all about max b

  17. Nine - TUBE says:

    Whos here for Frensh Montana – NG
    Moroccan people Like Here <3<3<3<3
    مغاربة بانو هنا نحسبكم

  18. Kobe B says:

    Best part of the song, weeknd, I just stop when Montana comes in.

  19. No Face Savage -NFS says:

    Michael Jackson + 2017 = TheWeeknd

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