French Toast

French Toast


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sugar syrup
powdered sugar
vanilla extract (which I didn’t use)

Finding good bread for french toast is the most important part! Why don’t you try looking for a bakery you haven’t tried near your house?

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69 Responses

  1. Trash Trash says:

    Man these videos really help with anxiety, thanks Jun.

  2. Mini Minecrafters says:

    Your videos are so calming! I love them

  3. Welcome To Trench says:

    Haha i love how nagi heard the pans and came running

  4. mdr48371 says:

    All three kitties!

  5. Lilith Rengeoh says:

    I have an exam tomorrow and this is just what I need right now

  6. Jacah Smith says:

    Hi jun! I’m so excited about how poki graduated to the big boy table. I love your fluffy cattos and I want to hug them <3

  7. Lawrence Oteyza says:

    Haku looks so soft and fluffy!!!!!!!!!

  8. jibootylol says:

    who needs asmr when a whole jun exists

  9. Hermione_TM says:

    Poki got promoted to big boys’ table! 😀
    Edit: ..and demoted at the end!! haha !!

  10. Ari BlackBurn says:

    In France, we call that “pain perdu” ^^ and in the recipe, we use old bread :).

  11. shadooplucy says:

    “Watch Cats Watch Jun Make French Toast”

  12. Hayley Moyer says:

    As soon as I clicked on the video, my cat sat on my lap to watch.

  13. Jun Yoshizuki says:

    Opps, I totally forgot to add milk/heavy cream in the beaten eggs. I also normally add vanilla extract to make it a little more flavorful. 🙂


    Finding a good bakery is always exciting to me. What’s you favorite bread? I always get a small baguette with milk cream inside.

  14. Chad Mojito says:

    Protip: it’s better if you add a bit of milk to the eggs and sugar! It’s also great to add some flavouring, a little vanilla extract or orange blossom water will make this recipe extra good!

  15. Alissa Med says:

    We are Jun’s fourth cat at 00:30 and tbh I’m totally okay with that. Please adopt us Rachel & Jun!

  16. haya kd says:

    “I’m filming you have to eat nicely” ????

  17. Fenris says:

    I know Poky’s been a good spectator for a while, but it still amazes me to see him being relaxed and not trying to eat the food while you’re cooking xD

  18. CoreOfTheStar says:

    love how the cats went from sleepy to attentive when jun came into the kitchen haha

  19. Sofia Alginina says:

    *Yun pulls out whisk*

    Haku: *stickstickstickstickstick*

  20. StormyRabbits says:

    Anybody else add tons of cinnamon in their french toast?

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