French Train Hero Anthony Sadler Describes Disarming Gunman

French Train Hero Anthony Sadler Describes Disarming Gunman

Anthony Sadler explains to Jimmy how his European trip ended with him and two friends being hailed international heroes.

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French Train Hero Anthony Sadler Describes Disarming Gunman

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20 Responses

  1. Tae gun says:

    These men are the real heroes, if wasn’t bcz of them we would have a new
    deadly terrorist attack here in Europe, stepped in Brussels Belgium and
    probably lived here too and just could step in with a AK with lot of
    magazines to “rob” ppl yeah wright… Politics must open their eyes and
    everybody who bounds with terrorist organisations trow them out of Europe
    immediately, don’t take back in Isis fighters bcz they are wounded or
    regret fighting over there. Once you out or you against us, you have
    nothing anymore to look in Europe or any Western country … Anyway like
    always normal ppl have to come in to help a hand and these heroes did what
    they had to do and they made the wright decision on that time otherwise the
    story would be totally different !!!

  2. Michael Costagliola says:

    We beat him down

  3. jereffuse says:

    yes of course is the only one who did everything….try to go and read what
    really happened !!!!

  4. AlexCKY2 says:

    This guy’s on the Tonight Show, his friend’s doing Dancing with the Stars,
    what’s next? A book? And when I think of the french guy who was the first
    to do something on the train and don’t even want to say who he is… Looks
    like they are hungry for fame, that’s really sad.

  5. Andrew Martin says:

    bro can dis arm my hard weapon and 2 balls of ammo anytime lol

  6. satellite964 says:

    He wasn’t a terrorist , just a lone gunman.

  7. Bill Pretwick says:

    His dad looks like Ben Carson

  8. Emily Clark-McHale says:

    those saying the other two don’t want to be in the spotlight or away from
    the spotlight, Alek was just announced to participate in the next dancing
    with the stars season.. so there’s that.. but, when it comes down to it,
    all 3 of these guys were brave and courageous and its nice to know there
    are people like that out there.


    Nobody especially Jimmy should laugh at this.

  10. Bob Jummy says:

    Fallon’s better than kimmel

  11. ex59neo53 says:

    Heroism is not a question of nationality or skills ,it’s just being at the
    right place at the right moment ,doing the right thing .

  12. Anthony B says:

    He’s a true hero !!!! He deserves another medal !!!

  13. Kelly Damon says:

    Wow.. I thought he was the one who did it.. Nice try.

  14. Michelle Gauthier says:

    Hats off, sir. Thanks for your braveness.

  15. John Pinkston says:

    Guy probably came home to find out every single woman he laid eyes on was
    instantly his.

  16. kulik03 says:

    religion of peace

  17. Alessandra Perez says:

    Amazing! Their bravery probably saved so many people’s lives. God bless all
    the men involved in this heroic act.

  18. [unknown sender] says:

    Well, US policy created these radical muslim nutcases in the first place.
    It is a small consolation seeing soldiers beating the own enemy they
    created. Also thanks a lot for the hundreds of thousands of refugees
    sworming in to Germany these week, escaping US made hell on earth in once
    sovereign peacefully states like Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Afhganistan. Thank you

    -Western Europe

  19. Sierra Bee says:

    He’s so hot omg ???getting hot in here orrr ??

  20. hollyvelocitygrl says:

    I love how when he was arrested, he claimed it was just a robbery and
    expected it to fly