Friday Night Funkin but LUCA GETS CAUGHT… FNF Mods #47

Friday Night Funkin but LUCA GETS CAUGHT… FNF Mods #47

Today I play FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods and play FNF LUCA Mod where Luca, Alberto, and Girlfriend GET CAUGHT! Luca FNF Mod uses Annie songs but they’re fire so I don’t mind 😁
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This Friday Night Funkin Luca Fnf mod is created by [Mod Down]

Play the FNF Luca Mod Here ►

Songs used in this mod are created by @atsuover
Play the Annie Mod Here ►

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37 Responses

  1. Judy Robichaud says:

    I like how how bf sounds like Mickey Mouse

  2. Rasheed Paul Omar says:

    Bf: *Steps on alberto’s feet* Alberto: AAAAAAAAAAAA

  3. Pjm Xxxl says:

    They took the Annie songs, but this mod is swag, 10/10

  4. sonicupso says:

    14:20 epic 13:44

  5. The Noob Animations says:

    i bet the mod creator was trying to hide the fact that he/she didn’t make the songs
    oh and now its flagged and withheld lol

  6. Lobelle Louise Cerda says:

    Is it just me or everytime i hear songs that everyone sings it stuck in my head cuz during the last song for luka is tripy

  7. Albert Zhang says:

    1:40 they literally just played fading from garcello mod.

  8. Kailani's Kitchen says:

    Tyler: **Coughs like Garcello and talks like Mickey**

  9. Chase Prince says:

    Luca: singing like Annie*
    Me: this Annie pretending isn’t it.

  10. Fireclips says:

    When tyler speaks as boyfriend bruh he sounds like hooty from The Owl House

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