Fried School Lunch Taste Test Ft. Harley Morenstein | TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING

Fried School Lunch Taste Test Ft. Harley Morenstein | TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING

Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein helps us answer the age-old question: is too much fried food TOO much?! GMM #1303.3
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67 Responses

  1. KinglyPeasant says:

    KFC better be taking notes.

  2. Caleb Ennos says:

    Tess is hilarious ??? ya fry it … THEN YA DO IT AGAIN LOL

  3. NaruTheBlackSwan says:

    GMM went from family friendly to encouraging my deep fried cocaine habit.

  4. Bry Klark says:

    Lol Tess was the highlight of this episode ?

  5. Donna October says:

    Roy Randy has a serial killer vibe.

  6. Ankush Sengupta says:

    When he snorted with the straw! ????

  7. Spinal says:

    This video was really awesome, love harley he’s funny

  8. Robert Guajardo says:

    These videos are always amazing and something we can relate to and too much fried food is kinda bad for people

  9. danielle bernadette says:

    Can i just say.. TESS’ ACTING IS HELLA ON POINT!

  10. Dank games says:

    This episode was weird but great for all the right reasons. I like the whole concept, the guest and the lunch crew it was very entertaining. I am picking up a bag April 1st for sure. 🙂

  11. Ebola - San says:

    “this is a deep fried apple because your vegetables are very important”

  12. Lemonadder says:


  13. William Morrison says:

    “A hip replacement surgery is a nice snack after that”
    She might be the best crew character

  14. Adam McDDcM says:

    A deep fried pizza in batter is called a Pizza Crunch in Scotland and they’re fairly common.

  15. WayfindersDestiny says:


  16. Science with Katie says:

    Pizza in a bag looks awesome! ?

  17. Gabriella says:

    Tess sounds like Bart from Dirk Gently ahaha

  18. Brandi Munguia says:

    No lie, my dad’s best friend, when I was growing up, only ate paper and drank prune juice. He was so skinny that he had to wear boys jeans and still needed a belt to keep them up. He also smoked cigars like a chimney and wreaked of them all the time. He was the nuttiest man I have ever met.

  19. Brandi Munguia says:

    I was thinking it would be great to deep fry a cheese stick, bring the first episode back around. Then I realized that all that is is a mozzarella stick.

  20. Brandi Munguia says:

    I recently bought a bunch of animal crackers and strawberry duplex cookies from the treat bar at PetSmart and, in order to get my dog to eat them, I took a bite out of them first. I have to say, the dog cookies are superior to the human versions. You guys should do another dog treat testing episode and try desserts and cookies for dogs. You will be so surprised at how good they taste.

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