Friend of Florida tax collector in Gaetz case pleads guilty

Friend of Florida tax collector in Gaetz case pleads guilty

A former employee in the office of a Florida tax collector whose arrest triggered an investigation into U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz has pleaded guilty to fraud and drug charges.

Court documents showed that Joseph Ellicott pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and honest services fraud and distribution of a controlled substance.

Ellicott was a friend of former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg and was hired as a special projects manager in the tax collector’s office.



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34 Responses

  1. Barry Gaynor says:

    Two sets of rules: one for the rich and powerful and politically well-connected, and one for the rest of the people.

    • James Estelle says:

      @Tsubaki Sanjuro btw I don’t care what color you are. You introduced YOUR color. Feel guilty all you want for the color of your skin then. I empathize with PoC 300 years ago, even 70. But that wasn’t me, it wasn’t my parents, and my grandparents. You want to protest? Go protest. But don’t be a keyboard cowboy.

    • James Estelle says:

      @Tsubaki Sanjuro this was an argument of if you have money and how you are treated. Why does every discussion have to include race 🤔 It’s time to stop playing that crap. I’ve seen all races be treated well, and all races be treated poorly based on your financial situation. Yeah there are racist cops. But it doesn’t have anything to do with this situation. Stop bringing your racist propaganda up. This isn’t the situation. You want to discuss that, go to a discussion built for it.

    • C Stolt says:

      Ops Soros

    • C Stolt says:

      @Dtrain72 not if they were democrats bc you see this world and the demonic democrats plus the RINOs and the demonic Elites have this world turned upside down

    • C Stolt says:

      @D.A. Oh you left out the Biden’s, Pelosi, Schumer, Obamas”s, Clinton’s, Siri, Gates, Rockerfellows,….(etc…)

  2. Dimples says:

    The average person has no say in who the leaders are, the donors have the say. There is no equality or fair election when you win based on how much money you have. There should be no money involved so everyone is represented equally.

    • Dimples says:

      @Robert Genson The GOP and DNC are responsible for selecting candidates – that is the problem. They are candidates that have money (corporations) doing the selecting. That is the issue – the candidates.

    • Kathy D says:

      While the donors finance the campaigns, the people vote them in or out. Vote!
      Know what you are voting for. Vote!

    • Robert Genson says:

      It’s the American voters that elect these politicians in office it’s most definitely the American voters fault and responsibility to be intelligent enough informed enough and wise enough to make the best choice when voting for our politicians to lead our country ignorant voters are the people that will be responsible for destroying America by voting for these corrupt selfsurving lieing devious criminals politicians

    • Jill Ellis says:

      We ARE the govt. but we will not get it back sitting on our asses! We ALL have to stand up, both sides of the aisle.

    • Ellis D. Trails says:

      You’re right. Matt Gaetz is going to prison.

  3. Harry Crazy says:

    I hope his trial is pay per view!

  4. NIBBA 🐽 says:

    I hope his trial is pay per view!

  5. Raymund Swales says:

    Why bother even making it up.
    They are all falling by the wayside.
    One by one.

  6. David Garcia says:

    No more lobbying or financial support from big corporations, pharmaceutical companies, Boeing, Northrup contract lobbying or support from any companies to people running for office. Enough of that crap already too!

  7. William HUNG says:

    It must be nice, when you are paying a lawmakers salaries. Then in return, you get the shaft without Vaseline.

    • Lesco Brandon says:

      @Faux Que Quiet libs might be insulted by your facts. They have no idea the criminal charges their own party will face when the Republicans regain the House and Senate, and how many times they’ll over ride Joe’s veto for justice. The left started this war, and someone must finish it.

    • Faux Que says:

      What is nice is paying a civil servant, a civil servants salary, and yet they somehow amass a 150 million dollar fortune. They have exceptional stock trading skills that rival Warren Buffet. Always gaining, never losing a dime. It’s almost like they know ahead of time what’s going to happen. They used to jail people for that, inside trading. Ask Martha Stewart

  8. Darak Blackfyre says:

    After all his tough talk I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the “tears of a clown”😭🤡

  9. Jim Allison says:

    This must be so disappointing to the corrupt MSM.

  10. ASAPxAGERA says:

    Lock this creep up please.

    • Clyde Masterson says:

      @Charles Epstein didn’t kill himself. He just changed his name to Matt Gaetz!!! LMFAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • MrTimters says:

      @Charles dam Charles you asked one question, and got all these diehard liberals crying up a storm, nice

    • Scott Allen says:

      @Bigg Stang, yeah, like the “stop the steal” nonsense. Oh wait……

    • Bigg Stang says:

      @Jose Robles you lefty loonies believe anything fake news puts out without researching what’s actually going on.

    • ML Isaacs says:

      @Charles … You are SPOT ON…. Perhaps these misinformed commenter should concentrate on their own…”Inside Traitor” Speaker of China’s house… or the badly appointed President who’s son collected 31 MILLION DOLLARS from the Chinese Intelligence (for the Fam…of course) a few short years ago…
      Matt is being targeted AGAIN…cuz midterms are right around the corner…
      I’m surprised they came up with something other than Russia…Russia…Russia…
      Might wear a different headline…but the body of the story is filled with bullshit…They’ll NEVER participate in a fair election… I don’t think they know how……..*sigh*

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