Friends: The Reunion | Official Teaser | HBO Max

Friends: The Reunion | Official Teaser | HBO Max

Get ready for the one where we get to see our favorites back together again. The Friends Reunion is coming on May 27 only on HBO Max.


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48 Responses

  1. Andrew Spidey says:

    “We were on a break
    But now we’re back”


    HBO: Publish teaser of the reunion of friends
    The fans: It was worth every damn second

  3. Proloy B says:

    For everyone getting too exited to see them play these characters again, I want you to know beforehand that it’s not gonna be a new season or episode.

    • Phillipe St. Leger says:

      An actual reunion episode would have been nice, but just to see the six of them together again reminiscing about Friends is good enough for me. I’m not picky.

    • blackdogbrown says:

      @Amr Abo Shouk Dude, it’s an interview. Lol Everyone’s just going to be sitting around talking about “the old days” for about an hour. That was confirmed months ago. They won’t be in character, the story didn’t move forward, this is taking place, “years after the series finale”. It’s just conversation and laughter. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Amr Abo Shouk says:

      @blackdogbrown can you plzzzz just google it my friend

    • Andoni Tomazou says:

      @Amr Abo Shouk dude, you google it, it is an UNSCRIPTED reunion with special celebrity guest stars.

      It is not a scripted episode bringing back the characters.

  4. Naveen K V says:

    Every FRIENDS fans :Now I’m so happy

  5. 3dphipps says:

    The one dude walking in the mask, was like “ah shit, I’m ruining the shot”.

  6. Dragon Soul says:

    “Why is your family Scottish?!”
    “Why is YOUR family Ross?!”

    I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

  7. Sulata Mishra says:

    That’s what you call Legendary. A show that aired 26 years ago is still one of the most-watched TV series ever. I feel so lucky to witness this

  8. Rillustrates _ says:

    Surprising how a 40 seconds video make you happy and cry at the same time.

  9. R S says:

    *Netflix removes Friends from its platform*
    Every fan of Friends to HBO Max: *How you doing*

    • q _ says:

      Only in the US, for now.

    • q _ says:

      @Joshua Samuels facts

    • Alek Readberg says:

      @marchutch So true. We have Netflix in Russia, but we have neither HBO itself nor HBO Max

    • nothing says:

      @Owen ass

    • Ishai says:

      ​@Joshua Samuels What you need to learn is that there are other parties involved, so HBO Max and it’s various corporate owners, had to actually bid for the rights to the show. They couldn’t just say “it’s ours and we’re keeping it”.

      If Netflix or Amazon offered more, they’d have to at least match it because of the other parties involved who would’ve made more money.

      Also, while most of that money stays in house under AT&T’s umbrella, it’s revenue lost. So you have to put it down as one division buying something from the other. Money only moves between them in internal accounting but it still matters

  10. MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment says:

    I was lucky to work on this reunion special. I think the fans of the show are going to love the finished product.

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