Fritz Learns to Catch Compilation #1

Fritz Learns to Catch Compilation #1

We’ve compiled some of the highs and lows of Fritz’s quest to learn how to catch food. Sit back and enjoy a little ride through memory lane as Fritz is introduced to a steak, a strawberry, a chimichanga, a meatball, and more.
Music by Evan Ball
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19 Responses

  1. Uwe Hardy Hufenbach says:

    Golden Retriever Fritz übt das Fangen noch …

  2. warren lieu says:

    Was I the only one saying “NoOOOooo” to the hot dog with mustard? 

  3. kanaziras says:

    No wonder your dog is ret*rded and has fail eye to mouth cordination when
    you feed him with that things called food… USA, the land of the fails xD

  4. Jobin Joseph says:

    Waste of food -.-
    Feed the homeless instead!
    But the dog is adorable ^_^ 

  5. Schischlack says:

    ALL THIS IGNORANCE IN pretty sure it was only for this video. and
    before veryone starts hating on everyone whos stating this is no good food
    for a dog and comes up with the wildest statements, here some facts.
    YES the ancestors of the todays dogs are wolves/dingos and such, and they
    evolved pretty well without mankind
    YES dogs are scavengers, they can eat and digest the weirdest stuff, but
    this doesnt mean they know whats healthy, they eat what smells good. man
    also eats all kind of stuff , but look at mankind. obesity in all western
    countries people die cause they eat too much / too much shit. so dont
    expect a dog to be more clever.
    YES doglikes where domesticated by human, but look in which period of time
    that happend, there was none such industrial food/sugar/spices/fat in all
    chemical forms. so its a weak excuse to state QUOTE :”tfu, dumbass. Dogs
    have always eaten human foods and still do in 90% of the world before multi
    corporations convinced your dumb ass otherwise in order to get your stupid
    gullible money. How the fuck do you think they were domesticated in the
    first place?”. BRAINS god GIVE BRAINS! pls !!!
    YES a dog sometimes eats it own shit, might be a lack of minerals, bad
    digesting and try to redigest i, to get everything out of it, or its
    psychic, wich wouldnt be good.
    YES dog food was invented by humans, and u want to know why? cause fresh
    meat and bones are !. expensive as fuck when u fedd it everyday and dont
    own a farm or something “. hard to store ( imagine a big freezer full of
    bones and beef, just too feed ur dog 2 weeks) AND THE MAIN REASON IS: cause
    man is lazy and likes it comfortable. why hassel with different beef
    parts,stinking offal and such things, when u just go to 24/7 k-mart or
    whatever and buy a 30 pound bag of dry food.

    just my 2 cents.

  6. eraserheadSH says:

    very very cute and funny :3 day-making material.

  7. Xavier Ortiz says:

    This had me laughing way too hard.

  8. luka lenac says:

    You are an idiot,if you eat crap like that then dog shouldn’t.

  9. Sinuation says:

    This video literally made me laugh hard as fuck lmao 

  10. brian whittle says:

    I would not give my dog any of those things, or eat most of them my self.
    Funny though.

  11. mojosonope says:

    To those asking “who gives these types of foods to dogs?” I say to you
    think of how short these wonderful animals live in comparison to humans,
    wouldn’t you want to experience delicious food every once in a while? I can
    understand the outrage if that’s all this dog ever ate, but I’m sure that’s
    not the case. Even humans shouldn’t be consuming these types of foods

  12. Jawiman .Ramallosa says:

    I think this dog might be colorblind. XP

    Just sayin. 

  13. Peter J. Azzopardi says:

    Poor Fritz, hasn’t quite yet figured out how to catch these items of food

  14. Arctus Oskom says:


  15. trippyay says:

    so many dog nutrition ‘experts’ in these comments.

  16. Ritabrata Majumder says:

    +avikbellic911 It’s like us trying to score some pussy!

  17. Jamaar DeBoise says:

    Funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks

  18. nicemilio says:

    Your dog may be blind in one eye…

  19. Tara St. Wood says:

    I so pissed he didn’t catch the Hotdog.