From 2017: “First Ex” Ivana Trump

From 2017: “First Ex” Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump, died on Thursday. She was 73. In this interview broadcast on “Sunday Morning” on October 8, 2017, she talks with correspondent Jim Axelrod about her life before and after she and her husband divorced; her thoughts about Trump’s second and third wives, Marla Maples and Melania Trump; and other topics that she also addresses in her memoir, “Raising Trump.”


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31 Responses

  1. Patti Featheringill says:

    This interview is beautiful! Such a wonderful woman and attitude!

  2. What's on your mind? says:

    How could they not communicate? They share children and grandchildren together. No matter how much the person hurt you if you share children together. You have get along for the sake of your children.

    • TheBrownIsland says:

      *For the Kid’s sake is NOT bad-mouthing each other to the Kids or around them.* Most folks just communicate once in a blue moon as needed and hardly ever see each other because you really don’t owe anyone a friendship or constant communication just because you have kids together. *_Few people are actual friends. This can’t be Expected or Forced_*_ just because some can naturally do it. _*_Once the kids are grown it gets even better. You only need to be cordial if you run into each other_*_ at a family event for the Kids or Grandkids._ *No one has to speak to or be around an Ex who doesn’t want to* even at an event. *It will be Ok with the kids* as long as there’s no display of hate, mean-spirit or arguing.

  3. Lynn Smith says:

    Aww- good for her. I loved this interview. Seems like she had a great life that she enjoyed to the fullest. RIP Ivana.

  4. G H says:

    Much respect I like her she reminds me of the old days I’m in my forties I don’t recognize pur world anymore. But these types of woman, they were good. They loved their families, they were moms and they had passion in home, work, yard, the future.
    I hardly recognize women anymore or men. So much is gone and much wicked is here.
    Rest in Peace Ivana, you deserved so much more. Men often fail us and never know the pain they cause. Your children will honor you forever.

    • Sassy Sandie says:

      @Stormy you don’t know what she did or didn’t do. Her children think she was an amazing mother.

    • Stormy says:

      She farmed them off to boarding school before they were dry. Nurses took care of them, she damn sure never broke a nail playing with a kid.

    • Jake Wish says:

      @Juju Rellama Thats all true but poverty causes the same loss of years as cigarette smoke. Most marriages dont last forever but if someone gives you enough to be in the top 0.1% of income earners after a marriage, you can get therapy for the other problems.

    • Sassy Sandie says:

      @Juju Rellama true, but she had some good times and a luxurious life. Most of us won’t have all that in this lifetime.

    • Juju Rellama says:

      it all passes.., we all pass…, the money will lose its attraction, the small talk, the luxury, when you die it has lost its meaning, And no one can take a cent with them.

  5. Tutelary says:

    The word of the Lord,” They think that the Lord has forsaken the land, That He does not see them,
    I, however, will not look upon them with pity, nor show any mercy. I will bring down their conduct
    upon their heads.”

  6. Omega Zapruder says:

    Politics aside, there’s nothing like a mother’s pride seeing her children do well. I know 2016 was a proud moment for her.

  7. Lazzaro Cremonesi says:

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  8. Cathy J. says:

    Yep, God rest her soul!🙏🏾

  9. Judith Grace says:

    Her Mom lives with her, and is 96. R.I.P Ivana at 73 falling down her staircase.

  10. Julie S says:

    The fact that Trump called her every week and got advice from her, just proves to me that he knew what a brilliant woman he lost when he left her for Marla. It’s sad. He should have just stayed with Ivana and made it work… it’s clear that they truly have the utmost respect and love for one another, even if it is no longer romantic love. RIP Ivana.

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