From Scammer to Saint

From Scammer to Saint

I was contacted on Facebook by a guy in Liberia who wanted me to ship him electronic devices. Instead I gave him something better: a job. This is the story of how I turned an internet scam into a humanitarian mission.

You can support Joel and our mission by purchasing his book at

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20 Responses

  1. BananasTheKing says:

    This just.. Blows me away. This is powerful.

  2. Christopher Mills says:

    You need to go to Liberia and see Joel

  3. Mohsen A says:

    This is awesome glad I experienced all of it

  4. Private Person says:

    I got chills just watching this video.. Chills in my ass that Joel would fuck up, but I am happy to see that he did the right thing, in fact I am willing to buy a few books to help in any way, if you can please direct me where I can buy some picture/books By D Grace of God

  5. Hydrazkiller says:

    This really touches my heart. I am happy to know he did the correct thing. :’)

  6. Kevin C says:

    lets check back with him in a year lol

  7. b33333p00000000 says:

    You are a good man

  8. Harley Bo says:

    You seem Mormon, you just have that “glow” to you. Haha

  9. KFC Manager says:

    Thank you for helping a brother out.

  10. Coco 2264 says:

    Wait is Joel the man in the last pic with his hands on the children’s heads?

  11. He Who Judges says:

    What if everything Joel did was fake and he actually scammed us all?

  12. Nonya Bidness says:

    Exxon Mobile should be ASHAMED of themselves.

  13. Pppboghani says:

    Seems like a scam to me

  14. Seag says:

    you are making Joel the President of Liberia.

  15. chatboss000 says:

    There’s 2 types of scammers:
    Those that turn to it out of desperation – consider alternatives like theft, murder, drug dealing – lying is the safest and the internet is an emotional wall.
    Then there’s smart people that don’t need the extra money but do it anyway. I know, smartness is relative, but if you’re smart, you would go for dumber people than you, hence, scammer and not con artist.

  16. pawchoe says:

    Prob the best series I’ve watched in my lifetime. Sad it’s nearing the “end” , but this whole thing did a lot towards humanity so I guess it’s worth it

  17. aiman zainal says:

    And this is so inspiring

  18. Oliver Garbin Mufic says:

    Wow I am surprised this story has not hit the news yet and I hope that by d grace if god you can continue doing business with Joel. 🙂

  19. ice788 says:

    It’s cool to see a donation go directly into a community. That was a lot of supplies and I bet the teachers were blown away. I wonder what Joel is saying when they ask him about the money he’s made.

  20. dr. Apexx says:

    Propaganda ! And now thousands of idiots are goin to flood african scammers with their dollars.

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