From the air, Irma’s catastrophic wrath is undeniable

From the air, Irma’s catastrophic wrath is undeniable

Drone footage from above Naples, Marco Island, and Everglades city in Florida shows vast and severe storm damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

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20 Responses

  1. pirucreek says:

    It looks like so little damage. 90% of homes had no damage. No federal money and if you don’t have insurance your out of luck.

  2. KooshBoney TV says:

    Anybody else think the damage didn’t look that nad

  3. Hunter C says:

    Irma ended up just being scary wind. The worst that happened was a little property damage, some down trees and the power outages

  4. Katherine Nelson says:

    Trailers were still standing?

  5. E-Boi820 Gaming says:

    You playing this music actually makes me wanna care about this whole situation.

  6. Stefan Trefil says:

    Ummm that doesn’t really look like “catastrophic” damage to me. A few roofs torn off and a mangled trailer? Thats all you can dig up? Look at Houston if you want to see destruction on a massive scale.

  7. PHOENIX WOLF says:

    Sad thing is money is a lie and ot costs absolutely NOTHING to begin rebuilding. All the people and resources are available and the dollar does not produce that. That’s the truth. A truth that means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

  8. Karolynn Rowan says:

    Anyone having the time to minimalize the impact of the damage and lack of compassion for people who either stayed through this or heeded the warning and sought shelter during this storm really needs to check themselves. If you were fortunate enough to have minimal damage or no damage – Praise the Lord. People saying it’s not bad – tell that to those with no home, no food, no water, no power and no gas. Total towns are wrecked. It doesn’t mean every home is obliterated when a hurricane comes through. It’s terrifyingly loud, the anticipation of the hit and what will be left is also terrifying. Try to understand how this affects people’s lives. There is a lot of damage whether you can see it or not. It looks like a war zone here. If it doesn’t look as bad as the news made it seem it was going to be…..try to get down here and see for yourself. I too imagines what you see after a twister…it’s not the same thing. It’s a prolonged sustained wind of 100mph. That sounds like an airplane right over you for hours.

  9. omg wtf says:

    Mobile/modular homes should be banned in hurricane prone areas. I say this as a poor person who has lived in both.

  10. buckaroosol says:

    Is there more footage other then this one trailer park

  11. Kenny 92 says:

    All the aftermath videos I’ve seen are of mobile homes

  12. FFG Oath says:

    We still have no power. My daughters wife and dogs are literally dying of heat. We also have a huge tree downed in our road

  13. Chad D says:

    What a shit vid . Show some actual footage of some “vast severe storm damage”. Catastrophic wrath is undeniable my ass. You making the whole event a joke with this.

  14. Chris says:

    Why is this horrible video trending? Is there no better footage?.. lol

  15. K2_SLAYER_ says:

    How do I tame a horse in Minecraft ?

  16. Leechy says:

    Lol… that music. Like some Final Fantasy shit going on.

  17. saintcharlezful says:

    Everglade city, looks the same before and after. Prayers to Florida and Texas

  18. Christian Roman says:

    “this is fine.” “everyone had a good time”

  19. Serial Killer says:

    Who put trailers in a state that gets hurricanes ? Should not be able ,need codes in place .Most of it looked like siding nothing crazy .

  20. Matthew Malbrough says:

    They are still bowing the storm out of proportion for views. Absolutely nothing in damage in the United States compared to storms from the last 5 years

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