From Zero Snakes to Six – Meet All My Snakes

From Zero Snakes to Six – Meet All My Snakes

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All my snakes in one video! People kept asking for an update on my snakes… so here it is 🙂 Snakes are definitely some of my favorite animals and pets, i’m so fascinated by them. Sorry I ramble in this video, love you guys so much.
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20 Responses

  1. Yara A says:

    i know that she’s knowledgeable about animals and knows how to take care of them but i feel like she impulsively buys way too many animals :/

  2. Ben Phillips says:

    Come on guys let’s get her to one mil by the end of this year so she will get a cheese tattoo?

  3. Jade Msp says:

    her makeup is pretty ♥

  4. Andrew Scholte says:

    I love all your snakes.

  5. Daniela C says:

    My sand boa won’t eat unless it’s in a paper bag like he’s ashamed be seen eating and I’m going to body shame him or someshit

  6. Jaded says:

    Why do you have a crying baby face on a chair?

  7. Naomy Ortega says:

    I really want a Mexican black king snake

  8. Julia The Queen says:

    Aye on the us trending page

  9. G The Unicorn Lover says:

    I love all your snakes

  10. NaturalHabitat_2.0 says:

    What in the world a woman that likes snakes? ??

  11. AdelAlano Alano says:

    Ok… guys… The mask in the background of the intro.

  12. Drapple Daily says:

    Can you do a care video on toast?

  13. THE YOLO FAM says:

    The baby in the background be like

  14. jose ramos says:

    your thumbnail makes you look like a mouth breather

  15. Riley R says:

    Dang I should really start a channel then. I went from 0 snakes to 19 in 4 months lol

  16. Chloe Maki says:

    What type of snake do you recommend for beginners?

  17. MegganAngela says:

    The green tree pythons are so gorgeous. But I think a ball python will be our first soon. My husbands really into it.

  18. DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun says:

    The Sand Boa is precious but the Mexican Black King is so eerily beautiful.

  19. Ellen Gearhart says:

    It’s funny that your sand boa refuses to eat in its enclosure, because mine wont eat anywhere BUT in hers. She always parades her fuzzy around her cage like she’s showing off what she caught. It’s dead bro. And you still managed to miss it three times before biting it. But sure, show it off.

  20. Jon Snow says:

    Guys what is it like to own a Kenyan Sand Boa? I’m considering getting one but idk

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