FromSoftware’s Game Design Changed Everything

FromSoftware’s Game Design Changed Everything

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that rat really was a king at one point

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40 Responses

  1. NakeyJakey says:

    i always end up writing these pinned comments while im delirious and sleep deprived (or sleep DEPRAVED on my fromsoft shit lmao) but thank you for coming by and tuning in i really really love these games and I know they also mean a lot to many other people too and I think thats really cool and video games are so magical. i hope this video is good! and i hope you’re doing good too. and i hope the people who wanted ROMCOM merch are happy too! the hoodie is high quality 14oz heavy blend for size ref and im really really proud of how both pieces turned out and feel on my bod. anyways im gonna finally play tears of the kingdom!! <3 ttyl

    • Hooimansen says:

      so true bestie

    • mide says:


    • Shy PaPaya says:

      I will listen and watch any video you make Jakey. I love to binge listen to all your vids in a playlist while I’m at work. They make my boring bland days full of laughs and joy. Please never stop making videos because I will always be waiting for the next one.❤

    • Stew-Stew says:

      I’m 11 minutes into the video and and it’s pretty good! I appreciate to see a video essay on FromSoft for a hot minute and and I’m glad we got it, keep up the amazing work naked jacket.

    • Greg Heffley says:

      Jakey plz physical copy of ROMCOM

  2. VaatiVidya says:

    All hail the rat king. Honestly one of my favourite characters in all of Demon’s Souls

  3. MsPoopdragon says:

    Realizing the Miyazakis approach to storytelling was akin to reading a book in a language where you only understand about 75% of the words explains SO MUCH!!

  4. theacp127 says:

    What’s interesting is that FromSoft, even in their worst games, never lacked in the atmosphere of their games. They always put in the extra effort to really flesh out the world. In games like the first Armored Core, it’s really a pretty straightforward game, but everything from the audio design, graphic design, and world building make a simple game feel like it has much more weight to the story than the average game for the PS1. That care in design is what makes their later games so memorable. It’s impossible to play those games and not be invested in every moment and plot thread. That is what pulls people into the games even though the difficulty and some gameplay design issues.

    • Ezekiel Johnson says:

      Even the lame zombie ninja game they released around the same time as demon souls has some outstanding enemy design, and I’d say successfully pulled off the dark absurdist over the top tone they were going for. The plot and tone are incredibly weird and jarring, but also I’m pretty sure they game was conceived by someone at fromsoft going “what if resident evil and ninja gaiden boned really hard in a call of duty flavored sludge” so I’m just going to assume the Ninjas vs Zombies game where your dad becomes god by getting a really bad case of blood flukes was intentionally a little goofy and over the top, it’s not like their most famous projects are devoid of weird absurdism played for equal parts horror and humor, I’d say one of their defining trademarks.

      It’s not a great game, but a lot of love went into the art direction and wolrd

    • Kaeporo says:

      They’ve been knocking this shit out of the party for eons. Kings Field and Lost Kingdoms are dripping with what would eventually become the estus soup we’re drinking today. And those are some old ass games.

    • Morgan Nyan says:

      Ninja blade was horrible, it was one of Fromsoft worst game and no it didnt have atmosphere whatever that means, doesnt every game have atmosphere? From Space invaders to Mario sunshine to Resident evil to Call of duty. Your average game for the ps1? what does that even mean? The PS1 was mostly known for its RPGs and im pretty sure every game has audio design, graphic design and world building. Every developer puts care into their game, Every developer tries to flesh out the world every player is invested in a a game and Fromsoft games arent exactly know for its deep plots. I like Fromsoftware but sucking them off so hard to the point youre excusing their bad games isnt right.

    • Ezekiel Johnson says:

      @Morgan Nyan “no it didnt have atmosphere whatever that means, doesnt every game have atmosphere?”
      Top 10 quotes ever

    • Morgan Nyan says:

      @Ezekiel Johnson im assuming OP meant good atmosphere but Ninja blade didnt have good atmosphere, and if OP didnt meant good atmosphere than by definition every game has atmosphere

  5. joaquin cardona says:

    That shortcut elevator in DS1 is top tier game design, the feeling of being utterly lost, fighting knights on your last estus, running away trying not to get killed until you see THAT elevator. Going down that shortcut and seeing the firelink shrine made a click in me, that was the moment that I realized I was not playing your average video game no, this is somethin else.

    • Morgan Nyan says:

      Theres been plenty of games with shortcuts before Dark souls

    • Icipher says:

      @Morgan Nyan That’s not the point. The point is that the entire DS map is designed around Firelink Shrine serving as the central hub/nexus area that has multiple paths leading to it. It’s not a regular shortcut, it’s DS1 interconnectedness, with multiple zones and areas looping into each other, that is still unparalleled.

    • Marcus Quintus says:

      I remember literally sighing in relief and feeling the grip on my controller soften when I saw the fire link shrine.

    • Bertram Schougaard says:

      you lucky mf. i took so long to find it i didnt even need it when i actually did lol

  6. Pseudo-Science says:

    ROMCOM was the first album I had been excited about since I was in high school and these videos are the only thing I get excited about on Youtube. Thanks for absolutely killing it Jakey Christ

  7. ArtistNotFound123 says:

    Brother I just had a really tough day. I work in film production, so I’m used to 12-14 hour days. Today though I’m tired, everything is sore. It’s going well, but it’s been challenging. I’m gonna say this: I needed this video. This was an awesome video. I’m happy to be alive during the time of your videos.

    • TheHybridTheory says:

      Me too man I’m a roofer and had the worst pain ever in the form of a heatstroke. This is what I needed while being bedridden today

  8. Berd says:

    congratulations to from software for making everything great for all the jacobs out there

  9. memnocktdevil says:

    I played DS3 first.. I’ll never forget coming out of the underground and seeing an Anor Londo for the first time. Hours spent roaming underground catacombs and the shallow lake underneath, then you come out and Anor Londo is in the distance… man it was something… strange that a game can make you feel that way…

    • Morgan Nyan says:

      In Dark souls 3 you come across Anor Londo after you take the elevator platform up, not from the undergound. what are you talking about?

    • Omowii says:

      ​@Morgan Nyan The elevator is when you’re right next to it. But you see anor londo from the distance after exiting the catacombs. Its the shot that everyone talks about when they mention anor londa in ds3. Not the staircase elevator.

    • Morgan Nyan says:

      @Omowii Im assuming youre talking about the Catacombs of Carthus. After you exit the Catacombs of Carthus you emerge and see irithyll of the boreal valley, Not Anor Londo, it even says in giants letteres: irithyll of the Boreal valley. And no Anor Lando isnt visbible from there and how would you even know its Anor Londo on your first playtrough?

    • Doc K says:

      @Morgan Nyan You do know that Irithyll and Anor Londo are the same place, right?

  10. alex says:

    Beyond my Nintendo DS addiction, I’ve played about 4 games in my whole life: Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride, Scooby-Doo Night of 100 Frights, GTAV, and The Last of Us, and yet I just LOVE your videos. I know nothing of these games but I’m so enthralled by how you write and edit these videos, it’s always so entertaining and I get so excited to see an upload.
    Thank you for being so truly entertaining!

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