FROZEN: Elsa’s Journey from EVIL Ice Queen to Snow Angel – Did You Know Movies

FROZEN: Elsa’s Journey from EVIL Ice Queen to Snow Angel – Did You Know Movies

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Did You Know, Frozen’s development can be traced all the way back to the 1930’s? The movie’s origin comes from Disney’s desire to make an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale “The Snow Queen”. The main struggle throughout the years has been creating characters an audience can relate to and connect with. Originally, Elsa (like the Snow Queen) was the evil villain in the story. However, as the story unfolded it was clear that Elsa was not a bad person, she just made bad decisions in a stressful situation.

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20 Responses

  1. Recounter says:


  2. LAarees Bruh says:

    Hans Christian Andersen’s books are really great! I didn’t knew that Frozen
    was a remake of Snow Queen!

  3. Austin Rozario says:

    notification squad where you at?

  4. Glowingvenom M says:

    Where’s matpat??

  5. JKUmbreon says:


  6. David “Dave” Dagnino says:

    yet another FROZEN video on The Film Theorists.. yeah… I guess? ?

  7. Mega Scout, Super Running Mercenary says:

    Ice Queen? Snow Angel? Elsa is Weiss from RWBY confirmed!

  8. Collin S. says:

    xurkitree is my favorite disney princess

  9. EthalaRide says:

    ‘The powers would be too hard to explain, so we just said she was born with
    it’ are you kidding me. Yeah that would be all fine and good in a different
    story (we didn’t need to know how Genie came to be in Aladdin or who made
    the Cave of Wonders) but in THIS STORY, it’s brought up several times with
    different answers saying it IS a curse later or that her powers are the key
    driving point of the entire movie rather than anything else. It isn’t “Oh I
    have to save my friend who’s life is in danger (which happens to be by
    magic)” it’s “Elsa has FROZEN THE LAND in the middle of summer and I have
    to get her to change it back.” It’s entirely revolved around her powers,
    which worked in Tangled because the power the princess had was ONE
    character’s selfish motivation, while the plot progressed because of
    Rapunzel’s own desires to see the world and her growing relationship with
    Flynn/Eugene. Anna was okay with Elsa’s choice to stay in isolation if
    that’s what she wanted but she needed her to control her powers.
    *the powers were the driving force of the narrative, not the relationships*
    and for a movie about exploring different kinds of love, that’s pretty

  10. Christian Vidauri says:

    “The song was almost left out *for good*”. My wicked senses just turned on.

  11. SangoProductions213 says:

    Congrats on trending.

  12. Project1114 says:

    YMS uploaded a Frozen review today, also.

  13. A. Mikey B. says:

    I think I remember the very first teaser of the movie framing her as a

  14. Zamiiz says:

    I really like the original concept but the story was pushed around and
    rewritten FOR YEARS and it really shows…

  15. GuyWithAnAmazingHat says:

    At the peak of the most graphics intensive sequence of Let it Go, it took
    an average of 8 hours to render a single frame due to all the lighting
    physics of the ice and the huge amount of snow and smoke particle effects.

  16. ItsMeTwitchy案 says:

    I love how when they said they went to Norway, they showed a picture of
    It was a picture from my geography book in school and I’m working on
    Nunavut right now

  17. Pink Plumbob says:

    6:09 The Super Carlin brothers were right!

  18. Swiggity Swag says:

    “They wrote ‘Let It Go’ in less than 2 days”
    Why does this not surprise me

  19. Mya Ani says:

    I got an Elsa ornament for Christmas!

  20. Hannah Willow W says:

    It’s pretty obvious where the story is leading to and then suddenly sort of
    cuts off and then takes a turn (but not in a good way). I don’t think the
    story flowed very well, very anti-climatic.