Frozen The Broadway Musical’s Caissie Levy Performs ‘Let It Go’

Frozen The Broadway Musical’s Caissie Levy Performs ‘Let It Go’

“Frozen” star Caissie Levy performs “Let It Go” on “The View.”

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  1. Jessica says:

    vocally she’s PERFECT and that ending omg but the staging is really meh, I expected a lot more than a couple of projections and the dress change didn’t impress me that much 😕

    • elphbwckd says:

      Krispy Kareem considering it has been open for months now I’m pretty sure everything is final. This is how it is stage and it is very underwhelming. The projections aren’t even that great. I’ve seen better 3D projections in other shows and in concerts. It would have been impressive if they used motion tracking projectors that had the effects going around the performer or appearing to come more from the performer than just basic projections any amateur company could do with a moderate budget.

    • Constança Lobo says:

      But that’s called a concert. A musical is not that. This staging is terrible and it’s not made better by her singing. In a year, she’ll move on and they’ll get someone else who might not be as amazing and then what? The lighting effects are ok, but the number itself is not a good musical number. Just standing there, not even acting, just singing is not what musicals are about.

    • Marc Andrew says:


    • Jessica says:

      Marc Andrew I literally said that she’s amazing and I only have problems with the staging, which she has nothing to do with?

    • Ali Y says:

      Jessica in some interviews she’s done she talks about how they specifically didn’t want to make the song bigger than the show. Blow it up too much and it becomes Let It Go with a little Frozen on the side. I think they were intentionally trying to keep the scene within the story, while also still allowing it to be beautiful. She’s also wearing 22 pounds of costume while belting that number, which doesn’t allow for a whole lot of movement.

  2. plwk says:

    Now, why am I thinking of the Super Junior version….

  3. M. Hill says:

    You can tell the audience doesn’t frequent broadway shows…

    • BishtrainerTai16 says:

      I am a cultured patron of thespians and the arts. I only partake in indie Broadway shows, and stay silent until the end of the show, where I give a polite applause. /s

    • Jamie Cerri says:

      This wasn’t an actual Broadway performance – audience from “The View” for a special preview and they were encouraged to react!

    • AndyBarrSays says:

      I remember my audience totally LOST IT when they saw the magic carpet on Aladdin. It was kinda cringy.

    • Ali Y says:

      BishtrainerTai16 this wasn’t a full run of the show. The GMA audience saw three songs and The View audience joined us for only Let It Go. It was literally just that part which already makes it less “theater-y”. The full run of the show includes a more traditional audience reaction… except at the end of this song. You come unglued because it is an amazing show stopper. And the more the audience reacts, the better Caissie sounds. It’s a wonderful push and pull interaction.

    • Tim Lee says:

      I watched the show in NY last week, people actually cheered and screamed and chatted during the performance… what a distraction.

  4. Sue Ratkowski says:

    I guess if you call “sold out through the end of the year” as “not doing well”, then, the show is not doing well. OTOH, Caissie’s performance here is wonderful, as good as when I saw her. Disney had a special staging of three songs last week for this: For the First Time in Forever, Let It Go, and Love is an Open Door. Wonder when and where the third one will surface? At the Tonys maybe? (Still think Caissie and Patti Murin got robbed vis a vis the Tony nominations.)
    (ETA: oh yeah, and they’ve already announced a national tour in 2019. All shows should do so poorly…)

    • Quan Phan says:

      Where is the Love is an open door? I haven’t seen it!

    • l Fernandes says:

      Quan Phan there isn’t one yet, maybe they’ll announce later today or tomorrow

    • Sue Ratkowski says:

      l Fernandes oh I agree! I was just speculating on when that third song would surface ..

    • snek themed trainwreck says:

      i think love is an open door will be another one of abc’s talk shows in a few days. hopefully the tony’s will be something else.

    • 12345 Nltsaaegcj says:

      I doubt that love is an open door will be the one for the Tony’s, I’m thinking it will probably be a mashup, most probably for the first time in forever since it highlights both leading ladies, AND I AGREE SO MUCH WITH THIS THEY WERE ROBBED, specially since, I mean no offense to anyone but, I’m not keen at all on the performances of Taylor louderman not Lauren Ambrose, I don’t think they really deserved those noms

  5. Annamarie Salerno says:

    Also the show is incredible. The performers are so talented and work EXTREMELY hard. The show is doing very well and this is a fact. Everyone should see the show. It is not only for children it is for all. Please do not judge a show if you havent seen it.

    • Annamarie Salerno says:

      I was just giving an example of how to be more positive when speaking lol

    • petrikovler says:

      Nikki i feel like the new songs expand upon the original story in a creative way in addition to things such as the sven puppet and serve as a significant difference between broadway and dca. what did you think of them? :0

    • kirstenrox234 says:

      Annamarie Salerno I saw the show and I agree with Nikki. It lacks something that makes Lion king special. It’s no different than the movie just more songs. So the show fell flat to me

    • Nikki says:

      I will say that other than Sven, how they freeze Anna is visually stunning. It’s just a shame that level of creativity couldn’t be worked into other aspects of the show.

  6. John T. says:

    This audience has got to chill!

  7. Lex Quest says:

    Yes!!! At long last, All Hail The Snow Queen! ❄👑❄

  8. emma says:

    this proves caissie deserves to be nominated for the tony

    edit: lol i know it’s not just about singing

    • 12345 Nltsaaegcj says:

      cekew yeah but to be fair the only revolutionary performances this season are hailey kilgore and Katrina lenk, this tony season was so lacking in innovation, but at least Cassie was good, emotional, and flawless, I mean in my opinion neither Lauren Ambrose nor Taylor louderman deserved those noms

    • 12345 Nltsaaegcj says:

      cekew yeah but to be fair none of the shows this season are any original, they are all based on previous properties, the most original one is spongebob and that is meerely a decent kiddy show, this tony season is so lacking compared to last years 🙁

    • cekew says:

      Yes I agree. Design wise all around, sponge bob is spectacular to bring something 2D into 3D in your face. Something truly from paper, realized in real life. Thats innovative and deserving of a nomination of the “best [design]” category.

    • Gustavoide says:

      People seem to forget that winning a tony is not just about having an amazing singing voice…

    • emma says:

      Gustavoide lol i wasn’t just talking about her singing voice. i’ve seen her perform other shows live and everything about how she performs on stage deserves a tony and more. i know what i’m talking about

  9. Lex Quest says:

    Caissie’s so amazing, her voice has so much love and power, I’m crying. 😭

    • Renzo Rocca says:

      I Hope Caissie Leavy Join The National Tour Frozen Broadway at Fort Lauderdale and miami

    • Renzo Rocca says:

      Disney Frozen Broadway National Tour will Come to Miami and fort lauderdale and i hope Cassie levy and Jelani Alladin Join National tour They do it very well and i Hope For Adult and Teenager and i Hope they have souvenir program

  10. Vlad Sicoe says:

    Dare I say it? It’s better than the movie’s performance. Which isn’t easy, because Idina Menzel nailed it.

  11. John Fitzgerald says:

    They were defiantly robbed for best lighting and video projections and leading actress for the tony awards🙄

    • Dan Petrovic says:

      The Band’s Visit has far better lighting than Frozen.

    • cekew says:

      I agree. So naturalistic, you forget its all artificial!

    • 12345 Nltsaaegcj says:

      cekew if the Tony’s cared about being revolutionary then great comet would have won everything, I mean don’t tell me that the scenic design of mean girls is revolutionary, or that the costumes for mean girls are revolutionary, or that the sound design in mean girls was revolutionary, this tony season is so lackluster and yet frozen got really snubbed (and I’m saying that as someone that recognizes that frozen is your typical overproduced Disney fluff)

    • cekew says:

      @12345, Yes…I agree this Tony season is a lackluster theme park attraction. The awards are going to shows as there is nothing better. I think Bands Visit and Spongebob in the design categories atleast are worthy of consideration. What my fear is the Tony voters are going to be “wowed” by all the exciting goodies in shows like this, aka flashy stuff, and fail to regard the artistic design in the aforementioned shows.

    • Ali Y says:

      For sure robbed of orchestration. Not even a nomination!?

  12. jose michael ludovico says:


  13. Morning k says:

    oh my god this audience is horrible . it ruins the song.

    • tartsonawire says:

      Morning k From what I’m reading in other comments, they were told to be extra vocal, but I completely agree. Their forced reactions take away from a great performance.

  14. emil lorenzo says:

    can this audience chill 😭

  15. TheramoreIsTheBomb says:

    Why is the crown still on her head?

  16. Tina T. says:

    Couldn’t finish watching this cause i was busy feeling second hand embarrasment from the audience reactions 🙈

    • Jade Chowdhry says:

      Tina T. I agree but it’s all staged, if you go to basically any tv filming they make you go crazy and half the time they cue you to clap when there’s nobody on stage just so they can film a reaction that will look like everyone is going crazy so it’s really false and I don’t know anyone that would act like that at an actual production

    • lou mertens says:

      Jade Chowdhry not only that but they can totally re-edit it to fit the flow. I was once at an interview where they took audience questions they kept in the part where the host was pointing at me and even a wide-shot of me standing there with the Mic but in the close-up it was another guy with a different question from later in the interview.
      That’s why they recorded these performances in advance instead of the Spongebob and Mean Girls ones. With a recording you can manipulate the audience reaction and performance fails that might’ve happened.

    • Ali Y says:

      This is exactly how it happened. They directed a lot of that, but seriously the last 20-30ish seconds are totally genuine. I’ve seen the entire show and it happens in the full run of it too. It’s impossible to keep it together by that point, it’s a total show stopper. The whole first half of cheering was definitely directed, and a bit awkward to even do might I add.

    • Tim Lee says:

      The audience are as loud and noisy in the NYC theater, I watched it last week, awesome show but a bad experience

  17. Samuel Brown says:

    Wow. I’m actually pretty impressed. Caissie is phenomenal and I love that she doesn’t try to be Idina Menzel, she’s her own Elsa. What a magical experience. Brava!

  18. issa.akwardblackgirl says:


  19. Холодная Блогерша says:

    Валерьянки мне, да побольше

  20. Holly Vlogs says:

    I wish they didn’t tell the audience to over react as it’s put me off watching this on repeat!

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