fuck you all

fuck you all

never will do crowdfunding again …. thanks to the few they supported rampage 3 -.-.—the rest can fuck their mothers incl. KICKSTARTER and all the idiots who talked me into bullshit like this

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20 Responses

  1. PENS VLOG POST says:

    German Dudes…Nazi’s….amazing. You didn’t get what you wanted…and
    didn’t…go back to Hilterville schmuck.

  2. Google Chrom says:

    Go fuck yourself, asshole dumb.

  3. Schrödy Brodie says:

    Come on Uwe, I know your field of fucks is barren right now, but you’re
    better than this.

  4. Heroes Hungarian says:

    Uwe Boll saying “good bye, hollywood”? What a refreshment! Wanted to hear
    that much earlier! :D

  5. paxpaul says:

    Aww, the poor whiny tit couldn’t get people to support another of his
    shitty films. Poor crybaby. What a pathetic, useless, fucking turd of a
    human being.

  6. Alex Simpson says:

    wow, this guys attitude sucks some! Isn’t being a creative about doing it
    for the art? “i have enough money” “fuck you” – i don’t wish misfortune on
    anyone, but in this case – i hope you go broke. If only to humble your ego
    and tech you a lesson you should have learned years ago. Or maybe this is
    just frustration talking because you didn’t make the money “Marvel Avengers
    bullshit” directors made…

  7. SonofGrok says:

    People might be willing to give you more money if you had ever made a half
    decent movie… ever.

    “Uwe Boll” is synonymous with “bad movie” in our house. My wife, who isn’t
    even hip to movie culture always asks “Who directed this? Uwe Boll?” if the
    movie sucks. Take your hard earnings from making terrible movies and tax
    advantaging and play golf. Please, no sarcasm. Play golf and spare us
    anymore terrible films.

  8. Feuerraeder says:

    Calm down guys. How could one possibly be insulted by a Youtube video?
    Also, some of his movies were not that bad.

  9. Neil Fallon says:

    This is the best movie you’ve ever made.

  10. Recidi says:

    I liked Rampage 1 and 2, but I’d rather Rampage 3 not get made if an
    asshole like this is filming it.

  11. juli7xxxxx says:

    It offends me as a German that he doesn’t even try to speak english

  12. Stephan 030 says:

    Er sagt er hat es nicht nötig und könnte auch bis zum Ende seines Lebens
    Golf spielen, aber bettelt um 50.000€ bei Kickstarter? Soll er doch seinen
    Mist selbst finanzieren. Andere Leute haben wirklich geniale Ideen und sind
    tatsächlich auf Fremdfinanzierung angewiesen. Da gebe ich gerne, aber so
    einem arroganten Hochstapler – Never!

  13. horrorjunkie92 says:

    Uwe, I agree about Avengers and yes, crowd-funding is bullshit. It’s
    basically asking for charity from fans. How about actually giving fans the
    opportunity to be investors rather than donaters?

  14. Recidi says:

    And in another video, this fucking idiot said that the movie was being
    made, and it will make it happen. This is the type of guy that shouldn’t be
    filming movies. He wouldn’t even make a good manager in a retail store.
    Fuck this guy.

  15. Chris Dorn says:

    We should start a kickstarter to raise money to stop Uwe Boll from making
    films from now on

  16. Tiago Blomker, PMP says:

    Uwe eat shit Boll.

  17. Chris Edwards says:

    What do you expect when you create a shitty movie? Of course nobody wants a
    3rd installment of a shitty movie. Don’t expect A-list $ for a D-list film
    guy. Use your own money if it was that important to you instead you can go
    play golf… #NoSympathy for those that cry on youtube because you
    couldn’t make it happen.

  18. Sebastián Chala says:

    You didn’t raise the money not because crowdfunding doesn’t work, it’s
    because your movies are absolute crap, and there’s not many people who want
    to watch anything made by you

  19. Jimmy D says:

    Rampage sucks you faggot. Fuckkkkkkkk youuuu homo. No one cares 

  20. burrito mctavish says:

    It’s ok Uwe, we’ll always have House of the Dead.