Full Cosby Exchange With AP on Allegations

With sexual assault allegations gaining increasing attention, The Associated Press reviewed an on camera interview with Bill Cosby earlier this month and made the decision to publish his full reaction to questions about the claims. (Nov. 19)

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20 Responses

  1. clinton c says:

    why is his wife ball headed

  2. Sayed hussain says:

    what is the point on publishing his reaction ? is this Associated press or
    TMZ ?

  3. Kepler Mission says:

    Bill Cosby or Scottish Fisheries Museum videos on You Tube. What’s it to
    be folks? 

  4. clinton c says:

    he seem guilty in this interview. like if some one is accusing you of
    something seriously as rape that first thing a normal person going to say
    is I didn’t do it. or they are lying. that is if you didn’t do what u been
    accuse of. not say no dumb shit like am not gone answer that, my opinion is
    he showed his guilt in this interview 

  5. Lianna Diazz says:

    I think this is the same situation that happened with Tiger Woods. A bunch
    of people are coming forward just to get their 5 seconds of fame. 

  6. Renato P says:

    lol fuck bill cosby man. “You need to get on the phone with his person
    immediately.” smh

  7. Hershi Schur says:

    What a schmuck, did you hear the way he was talking to the interviewer. I
    definitely can see a controlling and manipulative man. 

  8. Gus says:

    zibbity boopity!

  9. Psykotiske Hyggen says:

    Bill is a *monster*

    But again, is you got load of money, you can get away with almost
    everything :)

  10. paul natherty says:

    Just delete this video

  11. Ethan R says:

    Leave Bill Cosby alone. Stupid females wanting attention, like usual. Bill,
    go rock your dope ass sweaters and ignore the irrelevant people and
    comments they share.

  12. John Walton II says:

    Damn Bill.

    You’re not making it easy for people to defend you.

  13. Ryan Daugherty says:

    Imma quote George Carlin here: No Comment is a comment.

  14. Michael Milburn says:

    Bill Cosby is looking and talking like a guilty rapist would, his demeanor
    and dodging of questions speaks volumes but then to ask that it not be
    aired is even worse. Good on AP for not letting his pressure get to them
    and showing exactly what happened. That’s what the journalism should be,
    you don’t get to decide what’s given to the public and what’s not when
    you’re around a journalist, in front of a camera with a mic. Bill Cosby is

  15. TheKiddyOne says:


  16. jsmcguireIII says:

    Look at his wife laughing like an idiot. Cosby keeps saying “integrity”
    like that’s the appropriate word for a rapist to throw around. Oh, and
    let’s not forget Michael Jackson was not a child molester and O.J was
    framed. He’s toast.

  17. debbiewasshername says:

    this rapist should be in prison.

  18. Endoman76 says:

    He forced the pudding pop

  19. d x says:

    I’ve always thought Cosby was creepy!

  20. iuhxsevb says:

    Bill Cosby should have know that off the record means On the record