FULL EVENT: Day 1 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (7-18-16)

FULL EVENT: Day 1 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (7-18-16)

Monday, July 18, 2016: Watch the full replay of RSBN’s live streaming coverage from the Republican National Convention for Monday, July 18, 2016 from Cleveland, OH. Watch the full speeches from the convention floor and see reports and updates from RSBN hosts at Quicken Loans Arena.

Republican National Convention Live Stream – July 18, 2016 – Day 1

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10 Responses

  1. Saddest News says:

    Our duty to our country is to love it and pray for it, to obey its laws, to
    secure and sustain were the officers, to promote the common good, and to
    establish justice ALL of its citizens. Matt.22:22, Rom.13:1and Deut ch 8

  2. Saddest News says:

    Our duty to other countries is to RESPECT THEIR RIGHTS, to pray for their
    welfare, and to seek Justice and peace among all nations. Ps 96:3; I Tim

  3. Joseph Aliberti says:

    You can’t Trump the stump

  4. Saddest News says:

    Trump plays you. He is on his 3rd wife, raped his 1st wife, would have sex
    with his daughter if he could. Friends with KKK , squanders others life
    savings, Advocates mass murder and has brought out the worst in Americans
    by making racism and violence acceptable. HE TAKES PRIDE IN ALL OF THIS. If
    this is who represents Christians in America, then it is no wonder American
    Christians are hated and mistrusted. He will never be able to work with
    other nations in the world. If you think he will help trade, think again.
    He is corporate America. He and his daughter. have companies in China. Fact
    Check him because he is bullshitting. you all, and will take us to another
    world war.

  5. HDDynamicFilms says:

    Hey Right Side Broadcasting, get your music licensing issues worked out,
    will you?
    I’m getting tired of stretches of blacked out audio silence or your
    annoying thumper-billy overdubs.

  6. NotSureRemix says:

    @3:12:12 #lockHerUp #neverHillary

  7. Miss Marie says:

    at 10:51 on the video timer there is a singer performing a FANTASTIC song
    the chorus is ‘this one’s for the glory’ I do not know the singer or the
    song title but would love to purchase a copy of the recording anyone got
    any ideas. sucks but this is the only video I can find of this wonderful
    song and you can’t hear any of it :(

  8. Kevvlio says:


  9. SC Koop says:

    EXCELLENT!! Thank You! God Bless America!!!

  10. judith angelo says:

    this is the saddest lookin group of well fed white people I have ever seen.
    Seriously. Let’s make America America again?