FULL Event: Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech at Youngstown State University 8/15/16

FULL Event: Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech at Youngstown State University 8/15/16

Monday, August 15, 2016: FULL replay of Donald Trump’s speech at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH. Live coverage begins at 2:00 PM ET.

FULL Event: Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech at Youngstown State University 8/15/16

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19 Responses

  1. Jarrod Leeth says:

    What an unimpressive and deceptive speech. Let us keep a few things in
    mind. First, Trump obviously neglects to mention that the war in Iraq is
    what created ISIS in the first place, and one of the only honest things he
    has said during the course of his campaign is that the Bush administration
    lied to get us into that war. Which he now seems to retract that statement.
    And in 2008 Trump supported the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq, only
    now to say that taking troops out of Iraq is a bad idea and has led to the
    expansion of ISIS. He previously said that Gaddafi was a brutal tyrant who
    deserved to be overthrown and suggested that the United States should
    actively seek to overthrow him. Now he says it was wrong to get rid of
    Gaddafi. He apparently has a high opinion of Mubarak, who also was a brutal
    dictator who got $3 billion in military aid every year from the United
    States, much of which he simply pocketed, while torturing and killing
    democratic activists, and torturing people on behalf of the CIA. I think
    Mubarak is preferable to radical Islam having power in Egypt, and we now
    have al-Sisi, who is basically Mubarak after Mubarak, but I think Trump
    admires authoritarian rulers because he wants that kind of power for
    himself. The Iran deal was certainly better than what was proposed by
    Republicans who said we should simply start bombing a nation of 70 million
    people, which would inevitably involve a response from Russia and China and
    Israel and all the other nations surrounding Iran. A vast majority of
    Iranians are very pro-Western, because a vast majority of the Iranian
    population is very young and vibrant and well-educated, and they despise
    the senile old theocrats who still claim a right to rule over them. We also
    are not dealing with Ahmadinejad anymore, but rather Hassan Rouhani, who
    has been extremely receptive to negotiation, and has instituted many
    internal and surprisingly progressive reforms. Not to say that Iran is not
    still barbaric in many ways, but the right-wing has been quite hysterical
    in its fear-mongering against Iran, ignoring the fact that Pakistan already
    has nukes and is even more hostile to the United States. And that Pakistan
    is desperate to use nukes against India. Of course, Iran is simply getting
    back its own money. Ronald Reagan sold actual weapons to Iran and lied to
    the American people about it repeatedly, while Iran was fighting Saddam
    Hussein, who was a US ally at the time. Reagan also sponsored genocide in
    Guatemala. And a civil war in El Salvador. And under his watch, 241
    American soldiers were killed in Lebanon, and he cut and ran, and at no
    point did Republicans ever say, oh he bears direct responsibility for those
    deaths. Like they do with Hillary and Benghazi. I am all for denouncing
    radical Islam, and exposing it for what it really is, and illustrating the
    threat it poses to Western civilization. But Trump denounces Islam on the
    basis of it being harmful and oppressive to women and gays, while picking a
    VP and catering to evangelicals who share precisely the same views about
    gays and women.

  2. Bobby Alcaff8989 says:

    F*ck u racicst people

  3. Steve Privitor says:

    Imagine our country in 4 years if Trump doesn’t win – mass immigration,
    mass welfare, an no republican will ever win the WH again because the
    numbers won’t be there.

  4. Maurice Jordan says:

    “Donald Trump has the intellect…..” ~ Rudy Giuliani………. lol lol lol

  5. palto567 says:

    Carter was leading Reagan at this time in 1980 by about 10 points. Don’t
    sweat the polls and keep pushing forward.

  6. Richard Snoozey says:

    What I love about these videos is it showcases how retarded Americans are.
    Thanks for the show guys this is great. This assclown and his brain dead

  7. Samuel Clark says:

    People like Trump and Guliani call radical Islam what it is…Hillary
    stands up in front of CAIR and says that Islam has nothing to do with
    terrorism and that all muslims are peaceful…the mindless pandering will
    literally never end with democrats.

  8. Bassmaster Mike says:

    Sub for dope ass fishing videos

  9. GiftDestruction says:

    29:00 – 41:08 – 46:28

  10. music67 music67 says:

    trump sounds like 2003-04 George Bush here. lol but hes lying. the islamic
    thing started in the early 80s. during who?

  11. sam says:

    Mr. Trump please keep focusing on the issues that matters to people. For
    everything else just ignore like you are deaf. The other side has so much
    baggage and the one who act like mother Theresa will go down on her own
    weight. But But …. keep your focus straight and do not derail for a bit.
    Time is running out.
    Don’t care about polls

  12. Lkai says:

    All sounds good to me, definitely time for a change.

  13. The Unheard Voice says:

    Whoever is losing claims corruption. Trump never explains how he is going
    to do anything, he just says he is going to do it. Hillary isn’t talking
    for herself and is owned by Wall Street. Both parties have their political
    machines but only the Democrats are using theirs because not all
    Republicans like Trump. If you want real change break the two party system.
    Vote Libertarian.

  14. t fisher canadian ah says:

    Lock her up, lock him up Killery you’re FIRED! OSOMA YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!! Do
    us all a great favourb and move to your new home and Muslim country Dubai
    B-4 you get indited.

  15. JOHN ARYAN says:


  16. Johnny Houston says:

    Everything this man has said, IS THE TRUTH! VOTE TRUMP! BILL&HILLARY FOR

  17. The Godfather says:

    Get some Donny

    Trump Trump Trump

  18. Sunny says:

    this cracka is so fuckin dumb

  19. raross6119 says:

    Stop doing stupid shit and show america this ,you will the next president