Full Event: Donald Trump Gives Inspiring Speech in Wausau, WI (4-2-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Gives Inspiring Speech in Wausau, WI (4-2-16)

Saturday, April 2, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign event in Wausau, WI at the Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center.

Full Event: Donald Trump Gives an Inspiring Speech in Wausau, WI (4-2-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Seller Critic says:

    Palin stop being so bubbly, and be yourself when your speaking. BTW not a
    big crowd here in WI, if he loses WI it’s all over for him, but I do hope
    #Trump beats out Lyin Ted Cruz.

  2. SayNoTo Libtards says:


  3. Katherin O'Day says:

    If Donald hits home what TPP really is and what it will do to the country,
    it will have the greatest impact. TPP is the one issue which solidified
    my decision to stick with him. I was opposed to NAFTA and am vehemently
    opposed to TPP. If the TPP deal is not halted it will be the last nail in
    America’s coffin.

  4. Charles VanAcker says:

    Thank God for Trump, the only honest candidate in my lifetime.

  5. alcanod says:

    people think right !!!! Trump is the only conservative in the run…. hear
    his speach!!! Vote Trump!!!

  6. nysnowbird92 says:

    stupid camera operator kept trying to make sure the one kid with the f-u in
    arabic looking writing on his t-shirt was center frame.. sarah and trump
    kept looking off to the side because of it..

  7. alcanod says:

    at the end liberals are going to suck your blood in taxes, we need to work
    hard with a lot of smart and intelligent decisions, Vote TRUMP!!!
    Dont trust hilary she is the slavery candidate she loves latinos for the
    votes but she is with the ones that love communism how can latinos that
    arrive with no money can trust that?? we need to be able to work hard.
    opportunities is what we need she is not able to give anyone that.

  8. Analog JAC says:

    I’m going to be so disappointed if Trump doesn’t win.

  9. TheEpicGameHub says:

    So Trump hires kids to (falsely) prove that young people support him? I’ve
    never come across an intellectual, especially any school kid, who actually
    thinks Trump has a working brain cell.

  10. GamerZapocalypse says:

    Speaking of debt…we need to do something about our debt-based “money” we
    pay interest on…
    There can be no real prosperity using Federal Reserve notes.
    China and other Countries are buying up Gold at alarming amounts…Why are
    we not doing the same???
    GOLD and SILVER are Money, that’s why! The Fed wants the endless debt hole
    and corrupt governments luv it!
    TURN THIS AROUND Mr. TRUMP, we don’t have much time.

  11. Gokul R says:

    Bigot Tronald Dump never stops! “win win win.. I am great.. My company is
    great… Monkey hair.. Chimp hands.. Anaconda in my trousers… A nude
    Trophy wife… Pea brain…”… His next will be” I am /have a YUGE
    A$$H01€… And my wife’s V@g1n@ is YUGE! “… Lol…

  12. Satan says:

    3/4 through the speech….still waiting to be inspired. not going to hold
    my breath

  13. steve wagner says:


  14. MrMorethanexist says:

    Come on AMERICA ya gotta VOTE TRUMP.

  15. Gary V says:

    If Trump wins Canadians are building a wall and are making you pay for it

  16. Jessica says:

    God bless you Donald Trump. Thanks for all you are doing.

  17. George Davey says:

    Trump 2016!

  18. 808 soaker says:

    Why is there only white people in the crowd!?

  19. Leif Erickson says:

    My cousin went here, so disappointed in him

  20. Jimmy Chang says: