Full Event: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Pittsburgh, PA (4-13-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Pittsburgh, PA (4-13-16)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Pittsburgh, PA at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Pittsburgh, PA (4-13-16)

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20 Responses

  1. bill bixby says:

    TRUMP 2016!

  2. Info Girl says:

    Watch the documentary series the story of the US, specially the parts that
    tell the story about US enraptures, and you will understand why it pains
    Trump to see the country in decline.

  3. Farmer__Joe says:

    mike savage shout out

  4. Douglas Pollock says:

    From time to time, real leaders show up in our world such as Ronald Reagan,
    Augusto Pinochet, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and now, Donald
    Trump. What do they all have in common? All of them, at their time, saved
    their countries. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” and USA
    is more than ready.

  5. GenuineXLegacy says:

    Is it weird that this helps me Fall asleep every night..?

  6. Andy Smith says:

    Can’t wait for the NY primary! I already converted 5 democrats , which
    wasn’t hard given all the violence and insanity on the left!

  7. Kayla Gutierrez says:

    I absolutely hate Trump…I dont see what you people see about him because
    he is terrible.

  8. Nik Sav says:

    5:05 if you want to skip to “LYIN’ TED”

  9. Faith Montoya says:

    President Trump!

  10. Ignez Maciel says:

    USA needs a charismatic leader who has the diplomacy to bring world leaders
    to their senses….. not a racist dictator.

  11. Pocahontas1962 says:

    TRUMP 2016….I am from West Viriginia…Please come to Beckley West

  12. MoonFreezer 262 says:

    I hope no violent bernie supporters show up

  13. pete lane says:

    This man is truly amazing

  14. Colin K says:

    I don’t make enough money or work enough hours to fund all these great

  15. Charles Baxter says:

    FACT: CRUZ is just a GOOD Ole’ Boy from CANADA, now he wants a Wall too,
    that’s OK he is Welcome to paste his Canadien Passport to our TRUMP Wall.

  16. Joshua Kavevz says:

    Riverside county, CA for Trump!!

  17. Abcde Fghij says:

    How is he actually going to create job? He’s all talk

  18. LOVIN_ USA says:


  19. Josh Parikh says:

    Trump is just the worst. repeats himself every other sentence. thankfully
    he won’t be our next president!

  20. David Ackley says:

    “Trump” Cruz!!! Go Trump!