Full Event: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Roanoke, VA (RSB Cameras) 9/24/16

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Roanoke, VA (RSB Cameras) 9/24/16

Saturday, September 24, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump rally in Roanoke, VA at the Berglund Center.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Roanoke, VA (RSB Cameras) 9/24/16

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20 Responses

  1. quinten488 says:

    If you know people who live in swing states please call them and tell them
    to vote for Trump. We all need to work together to get the word out.

  2. ReGenesis Radio says:

    , 35000 views in 2 hours that is off the hook off the chain that is hard to
    imagine this is a God thing thank you Yahweh.

  3. Lisa Moreno says:

    To all the people on the fence, if Hillary slithers into the White House
    our national debt will go to 30trillion it will be “GAME OVER.” Our economy
    will be swallowed up and our country will go belly up. At that point their
    will be no country to argue over anymore, This is our calling in American
    history, to rise up and help this patriotic movement in DONALD J. TRUMP.

  4. l lemons says:

    another great speech, masterfully delivered into the spirit of the crowd.
    and SPECIAL kudos for the new cameraman; his camerawork was nothing short
    of professional; if he’s new at it, he’s already miles ahead of any
    competition i’ve seen!
    i especially liked the smooth way he would work the crowd shots in, moving
    in and out- but not too much to be a distraction. the crowd-leaving shots
    were especially enjoyable for us people watchers, and really a first…

  5. solomon kane says:

    trump 1:26

  6. tree fiddy says:

    Hell yeah. Hispanic for Trump here!

  7. clace genesis says:

    I hope Trump wins VA.

  8. Max “Maximus” Allen says:

    Hillary is resting, resting, and RESTING!!! Taking her meds and following
    her doctors orders. All in hopes of having the stamina to make ALL NINETY
    MINUTES of the debate!

  9. Barney Quinn says:

    Anyone with a brain can clearly see the difference between Clinton and
    Donald Trump. On a scale of 1 to 100, Clinton is -50; Donald is 100. There
    IS no comparison and only an irrational person would try to claim Clinton
    is better. A totally irrational person.

  10. Canadian kid says:

    To Mr Trump, please watch out Monday, as you will be debating a ? thief
    and lier

  11. KungFuMaintenance says:

    DJ Trump @ 1:25:50

  12. DALTON PRIDDY says:

    Let’s elect Trump to rebuild a new and prosperous America that rivals every
    country on earth. 

  13. James Greer says:

    Thank God for Donald Trump, We finally have prayer at the top of the NEW
    government under Donald Trump and MR Pence.

  14. Noko Huang says:

    Cant wait for the debate!!!!! ITs been a great run by Trump so far! Well
    Done. Lets keep making the push!


  15. Max “Maximus” Allen says:

    Hillary is so CROOKED!! Anyone remember the Drug Dealer Donor Scandal?? –
    Convicted drug trafficker Jorge Cabrera made such a big donation to the
    Clinton’s campaign that he was invited to the White house without Secret
    Service present.

  16. Mr Wheels says:

    Trump going after Globalism….we can’t ask for more.

  17. Donald R says:

    Trump is hitting his stride–Go Trump! Where does he get his stamina?

  18. Apple Bag says:

    looks like a full house

  19. HEADBANGRR says:


  20. nofacewilly says:

    why do the uneducated overwhelmingly vote trump