Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Manchester, NH 8/25/16

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Manchester, NH 8/25/16

Friday, August 26, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Manchester, NH at The Radisson Hotel- Manchester, NH in The Armory Ballroom.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Mancester, NH 8/26/16

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20 Responses

  1. mepaleoindian says:

    ‪There is a lighthouse beacon you see through the darkness just before your
    ship is about to crash into the rough and rocky coastline, to be forever
    lost in Hillary’s darkening abyss. All startled you awake, realizing It’s
    not just a dream, the beacon is a warning of the nightmarish crash to come.
    When your boat is about to sink, you redirect and navigate through the
    turbulence, if all else fails hold on to a lifesaver until help arrives.
    Your Vote being the lifesaver and ‪Donald J Trump, the beacon of freedom!
    Come November we all either sink into the Hillary abyss or swim and hold
    onto your freedom! Donald Trump as President 2016‬ is the freedom!

  2. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje says:

    Democrats bring world war to usa and kills innocent young men.

  3. RiotHouse says:

    1:13:25 Carson speech
    1:20:20 Trump speech

  4. Spudskie says:

    No flip-flopping on illegal immigration! Don’t become the Gang of 8. Build
    that wall and deport!

  5. Gene InTN says:

    I am NOT a racist… I hate everyone until they prove to me they are

  6. mighty mouse says:

    Tell crooked Hillary and the crooked Dems, Trump is coming and America is
    coming with him, we’re going to take you down.

  7. Pauli Babba says:

    Dr. Carson is an honorable man. I’m so glad he is on our team.

  8. KatherineMacChesney says:

    Ben Carson is an extraordinary man. He is inspirational.

  9. Tallaias says:

    Trump is out there every single day laying out his platform. Where is

  10. Gerry Aire says:

    if Trump was pro-America, he would have picked a running mate named Pennies

  11. Petyr Baelish says:

    Hillary will lose just like she did in 2008.

  12. DBeat says:

    Guys I found all the racists of youtube! They hang around the comment
    section of Donald Trump’s rallies!!!

  13. Michael Dawson says:

    To Hillary Robben Clinton;
    Donald J Trump is your next Commander and Chief. Face it.
    H Rotten Clinton; U will be held accountable 4 your crimes. Trump
    promises U that!
    Donald has thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of supporters, to the
    stupid one of everyone else. Even goofy ass Johnson.
    To My Loving Americans;
    I’m ALL-IN for Trump. <3
    And from the looks of it, everyone else with any common sense is too.
    If you are not 100% with and behind *****TRUMP***** Then you are also 100%

  14. OsamaBinLaden says:

    Trump is a joke

  15. Jenna Magnus says:

    Trump sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Andy Chow says:

    One of his best speeches so far. And I’ve watched… 200 so far? Maybe

  17. Usters B says:

    Trump said “I will get 95% of the African American vote”….Not too
    delusional though….TRUMP SUPORTERS ARE ALL CLOSET

  18. Vale Vale says:

    they complain when Hillary’s videos trend but I always see this stupid
    cracker shit trend everytime

  19. Zen guy says:

    Trump is the definition of an egotistical maniac, a true sociopath in the
    same vein as Napoleon, Hitler , Stalin , and others. He would bring great
    misery to the world if elected.

  20. Democratic Advancement Party of Canada (DAPC) says:

    Hillary Clinton use of the race card to distract and divide should offend
    all people. Shame on her for moving her campaign fully into the gutter.