Full Event: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Novi, MI 9/30/16 (RSB CAMERAS)

Full Event: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Novi, MI 9/30/16 (RSB CAMERAS)

Friday, September 30, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Novi, MI at ​Suburban Collection Showplace. Live coverage begins at 5:00 PM ET.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Novi, MI 9/30/16

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20 Responses

  1. EnigmaBlue says:

    Awesome speech, Trump landslide, lets make it happen folks!

  2. D Harrell says:

    Hillary is SCARY

  3. Charlie The Greaser says:

    Trump already won this folks he needs to focus on his reelection in

  4. Lisa Moreno says:

    We do not need a sequel pt2 in the White House staring the clintons.

  5. boogerhead0 says:

    WOW! Awesome RALLY!!!!

    What a MASSIVE crowd of energized supporters!!

    That has to be the largest rally yet…

  6. fideles08 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! Huge crowd!!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY a MOVEMENT!!!!!! People are
    enthusiastic to vote for Trump. Simple reason; WE THE PEOPLE wanted
    something different, something new, something OUT OF THE BOX. We are SICK
    reason for running into office to ENRICH HERSELF at the EXPENSE of the
    American people.

  7. TAR ICO says:

    I just Googled it. Turns out Hillary, in 2012, said that “…the TPP SETS
    the gold standard in trade agreements….” Since then she waffled, then,
    last year, came down totes against the TPP. She never said that “the TPP IS
    the gold standard in trade agreements.” I would argue that for the purposes
    of this discussion, that “setting” a whatever is essentially the same as
    saying it “is” that same whatever. It’s like saying your house “sits” on
    Olive Street. Or your house is on Olive Street. Who talks like that? Who
    says that their house sits on This or That Street???? Nobody. When asking
    directions, we say that our house is on Olive Street.

    What Hillary originally said was “the TPP is the gold standard for trade.”
    Then her writers came along and punched it up for her, making it “the TPP
    sets the gold standard…”. Trump got a hold of her original galleys, and
    he quoted from it.

    Even though the wording is not exact exact, we have to give this one to
    Trump. She needs to say that she used to be in favor of TPP, but that she
    no longer likes what it has become.

  8. Had Enough says:

    Great to some black folks behind Trump!!! Looking at this crowd, how the
    hell is it so close? She can’t draw 100 people. If it is not a landslide,
    some is very wrong.

  9. texxmw says:

    The Deplorables are going storm the beaches on Pennsylvania, the hedgerows
    of Washington DC, and deliver a mighty strike for Freedom. Its coming.

  10. Rebecca M says:

    Mr Trump please stop talking about miss universe and other women and their
    weight. Your poll numbers are down we need you in office. So, please stay
    on message and stop defending yourself on these small side issues.

  11. vertigopulse says:

    I’ve NEVER VOTED before and I registered to vote last week ONLY SO I COULD

  12. Donny Kingpin says:

    But…but…but…Hillary said she’ll magically create millions of jobs!
    She would never lie…she’s a female after all.

  13. Matt Justiee says:

    Can someone here get hold of a Trump campaign team member??? Tell them that
    Hurricane Matthew is now 150mph! Thats deadly! There is a chance it could
    effect Florida!!! Would Mr Trump look like a God Sent if he warned the
    people of South Florida first!

  14. Mary Hernandez says:

    I got to go to a rally in little old Melbourne Florida. I never thought
    Trump would cone to a small city like ours compare to other big cities he
    has visited. I stood for 5 1/2 hours total. My lower back hurt for a few
    days. It was fun I talked to a few people. You feel the love there. Trump
    was great as usual.

  15. Cole Hunter says:

    I will be truly heartbroken and disillusioned if this man does not win.

  16. Jewnathan Kikenberg says:

    so much energy

  17. Thao Hmong (blackhmong85) says:

    Asian American for Trump all the way.

  18. Monokuma says:

    Trump will show no mercy on the second debate!

  19. kynes333 says:

    This is one of the best Trump speeches I’ve seen thus far.

  20. Richard B says:

    Amazing crowd take it home Trump we are with you!