Full Event: Donald Trump Press Conference & Speech in Bismarck, ND (5-26-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Press Conference & Speech in Bismarck, ND (5-26-16)

Thursday, May 26, 2016: Full replay of Donald Trump’s press conference and remarks at The Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND.

Full Event: Donald Trump Press Conference & Speech in Bismarck, ND (5-26-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Bentlee Jbf says:

    The “CLINTON FOUNDATION”, is now the “NEW ADDENDUM” to the word
    “CORRUPTION” in all media based meanings of the word “CORRUPTION”. Bringing
    dollars back to the people, from the land that the people live upon will be
    the first time the american gov has done such. Donald Trump, release the

  2. Kidpool “Lil' Deadpool” Pool says:


  3. Robby Heivilin says:

    reading these comments supporting trump gave me terminal auto tism

  4. Mark Ames says:

    This guy is a bad ass. I’m rolling hard!

  5. allamakee1397 says:

    who is the brunette standing behind Trump?

  6. Steven Bravo says:

    the sound and pic are all caw caw but thats a nice looking woman in the
    white coat behind him at the second thing

  7. Thales880 says:

    trump is an idiot

  8. trevor manns says:

    God bless America and watch over our next President Mr Donald J Trump.!!

  9. Patrick Maloney says:

    How did he make himself invisible?

  10. 43 million subscribers and no videos says:

    Now I know how the people in concentration camps felt

  11. Kerrigan M says:

    How is this “trending”? Is it paid?

  12. comfortableman12 says:

    Great speech! Let’s get it done America.

  13. Cory Gillman says:

    whats with the music during his speaking

  14. Susan Solari says:

    LOVE all of you guys and your comments!!

    I use my real name…. Come see me. 🙂 Call first! I do ammo… :)

  15. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy says:


  16. Galfor2 says:

    I clicked on this just to dislike it.

  17. Jack Johnston says:

    Trump 2016. All the hate is sooo irrational lol. That women behind him is
    super hot btw :D

  18. Kyler Kidd says:

    Huffington Post absolutely destroyed

  19. MeGoes Meow says:

    Why isn’t this under the comedy section on youtube?

  20. goldxemoney gold says:

    trummp don’t win