Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Everett, WA 8/30/16 (RSBN CAMERAS)

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Everett, WA 8/30/16 (RSBN CAMERAS)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Everett, WA at Xfinity Arena of Everett.

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Everett, WA 8/30/16 (RSBN CAMERAS)

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19 Responses

  1. Jo Blo says:

    Hillary’s only chance to win is to cheat the vote. We will shut that down

  2. Lincoln Badley says:

    I was there!! Great speeches

  3. Anton K says:


  4. Takoui Souvadjian says:

    Hope he will be safe on this Mexican trip

  5. Craig Armstrong says:

    Love the PAN-O-CAM!

  6. Sheila Parks says:

    He sounds GREAT! Maybe he’ll fix mexico too! TRUMP SETS RECORD At XFINITY
    Arena in Everett, WA – 10,000 Plus In Attendance!

  7. Right Side Broadcasting says:

    Thank you, folks. And thank you, Mr. Trump and campaign for retweeting us
    tonight! The train keeps on rolling! Tomorrow from Phoenix (and MEXICO!)

  8. Deborah S. Nelson says:

    Thank you Mr. Trump for standing up for Americans… Thank you for your
    courage, thank you for your honestly, thank you for your love. You could be
    just playing golf. Once you get in you are going to work harder and smarter
    than ever in your life.

  9. Charlie The Greaser says:

    I hope trump ends the fed those son of bitches are the ones that causes our
    debt to increase!!

  10. Right Side Broadcasting says:

    REAL action starts at 1:17:00, DJT at 1:37:20.

  11. Denis Ribiakost says:

    Wow! What a crowd! There is no stopping Trump now. You either get on the
    Trump Train or you get run over by it. I choose to ride on the Trump Train
    to a better future.

  12. waves1of9terror says:

    America wins when Trump wins. Hillary Clinton is such a hellish choice. I
    feel so sorry for the regressive progressives voting for her to be part of
    the party of *physical-slavery-turned-into-welfare-slavery* and the KKK.
    Hillary is a radical progressive quasi-neoliberal Democratic terrorist.

  13. goinghollow says:

    trump comes out at 1:37:37

  14. Adam Gao says:

    I’m an Asian American and I support Trump 100%!

  15. Frankie Boots says:

    so i just liked this video making the likes 5,400 and it only has 381
    dislikes..yet the media still says he is down in the polls ….that is how
    you know they are full of shit!

  16. Promotional Inc. says:

    Trump is rolling with great power in his speeches. Good guy. Meanwhile,
    hillary’s had another seizure

  17. Yvette Vargas says:

    wow…Trump on fire!

  18. Everything80s says:

    5k likes and Hillary manages 500 likes and 9000 dislikes. How is she

  19. Artur Mrozowski says:

    Greetings from UK: Brexit & Trump’16