Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Fredericksburg, VA 8/20/16

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Fredericksburg, VA 8/20/16

Saturday, August 20, 2016: FULL replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Fredericksburg, VA at the Fredericksburg Expo Center.

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Fredericksburg, VA 8/20/16

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19 Responses

  1. Beth Smith says:

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016

  2. mangomania says:

    Why the very very long intro? cant you just make it two minutes then cut to
    Trump’s speech?

  3. Jedi “YuArGoo” Sith says:

    Trump Trump Trump!!!

  4. Realist says:

    jesus….80,000+ views in less than 12 hours?

  5. sufiani mussa says:

    He fits 4 presidency

  6. Francis D. Jarrett says:

    We need to bring out nationalism not globalism as what the Clinton’s have
    been promoting since Bill became a president. This globalism lead to many
    companies moving to China.

  7. Jo Marko says:

    The guy has done a lot for Veterans. While Hillary collected fat speaking
    fees and now claim she is entitled to our votes. Nope. Trump for President.

  8. WAKEUP PEOPLE says:

    vote TrumPence

  9. SKX44 says:

    I’m a hillary clinton supporter. Grabs popcorn.

  10. Rocket Sausage says:

    We are screwed.

  11. kindle urie says:

    Honestly terrifying how many trump supporters there are in my city

  12. Home Grown Seeds says:

    Hillary needs to find her rear fast, or she will be destroyed by Donald
    trump’s mouth.

  13. SiLVER says:

    I love seeing nothing but for support for Trump, and absolute hate for
    $hillary. Restores my faith in humanity.

  14. Anthony Wilson says:


  15. qixxxxxxx1 says:

    At first I didnt like him but now I love this guy. He’s the real deal. We
    havent seen this since the 1800’s

  16. Spencer Teolis says:

    Yep everything will be fixed under trump. Government bad when I president
    government good, I good Hillary bad. Great campaign platform.

  17. eretzsus says:

    What time does he start punching himself in the face ?

  18. superflyairhead says:

    Does it bother anyone else that this was held in Fredericksburg, Virginia,
    but he told Fairfax to get out and vote?

  19. Tommy27415 says:

    dislike :)