Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Portsmouth, NH 10/15/16

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Portsmouth, NH 10/15/16

Saturday, October 15, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Portsmouth, NH at Toyota of Portsmouth.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Portsmouth, NH 10/15/16

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20 Responses

  1. MesoTavary11 says:

    Hillary Clinton’s image, alone, is already bringing America down the tube.
    I can’t help it but to see it coming from her pores!

    Go Trump… A new tune is badly needed..

  2. woolybooger says:

    look behind the curtain, the RIGHT and LEFT are one..and the American
    people are in their sights… all the BS opposition, had to be set aside..
    joining hands in fear and weakness..we got this

  3. Lisa Moreno says:

    Mr.Trump you have the scoundrels on the run and we have your back. MAGA.

  4. D Wickman says:

    Sexual allegations against Trump are all but debunked yet the Dishonest
    Media continues to print Libel. Trump’s attorneys should OWN the New York
    Times and People Magazine as these horribly wrong and slanderous
    allegations are debunked and litigated. But the dishonest Hillary prone
    Media will NEVER run the results of inevitable litigation which Trump will
    definitely win! Weeks ago, Doctor Ben Carson said these underhanded sexual
    allegations would be made toward the end of the election process – and here
    it is. No time to refute these baseless lies before the election was always
    their plan. Some small minded people will want to believe the media because
    checking the Wikileaks emails that expose Hillary as a fraud, is too much
    work. Your lives and jobs are at risk in this election. Wake up America
    before it is too late to reverse this mess.

  5. Jia Yan says:

    Make America great again! Cant’t wait!

  6. dfirthc says:

    Desperate uncosted promises from the king of sleaze.

  7. medium only atrocity says:

    Part of me wishes this sack of shit would actually get elected, so you dumb
    fucks could see how badly you’ve been played. But, of course, you’re so
    stupid, you’d defend him when he failed to accomplish any of the shit he
    promised, which he has no intention of doing anyhow.

  8. CaptainHappen says:


  9. paulie dee says:

    Thank God for these emails. They give us a window into the corrupt souls of
    Hillary supporters.

  10. 19flipped1 says:

    Quiet ! U will wake Hillary !

  11. paulie dee says:

    Podesta’s emails show that they wanted to infiltrate and subvert the
    Teaching of the Catholic Church. This is more than you normal lunacy. It’s

  12. paulie dee says:

    The Mexican billionaire that owns the Times believes in borders and walls
    for Mexico.

  13. poolplayer poolplayer says:

    UK Got Brexit And now i hope The USA gets trump

  14. Chester Hardy says:

    The Cattle deal!! damn, I remember that now, Trump has her number for sure!

  15. Chester Hardy says:

    Clintons been crooked since day one

  16. Paul Hendries says:

    All debates should be open form so Hillary can’t get the questions and
    answers ahead of time.

  17. PJ4CHANGE says:

    Debate Prep for Hillary is reading over the Questions so she can script all
    her answers. Now we know why her answers always sounds so scripted, BECAUSE
    THEY ARE this is what happens when you know what will be asked ahead of

  18. Cross Aleyda says:

    # love Trump President 2016✔

  19. Fernando Rodriquez says:

    ok stupid vote for the idiot that be the end of United States of America

  20. HoldThisL realQuick says:

    i came here for famous dex😰