FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Rally in Tampa, FL 8/24/16

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Rally in Tampa, FL 8/24/16

Wednesday, August 24, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Tampa, FL at Florida State Fairgrounds- Entertainment Hall.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Las Vegas, NV 8/24/16

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20 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Masc says:


  2. Nancy Rod (Nany) says:


  3. Blarney Stone says:

    Another day of TRUTH from Trump.

  4. Right Side Broadcasting says:

    Trump at 1:15:40

  5. elizabeth quinn says:

    we need to give trump a chance !!!

  6. Alfonso Castro says:

    I was there,it was awesome.

  7. Afriend says:

    Did Mr Farage come on yet????

  8. Frank Grimey Grimes says:

    Does Hillary have rallies?

  9. THE ASSMAN says:


  10. Don't Tread On Me says:

    Black people don’t want jobs. they want more free money lol

  11. Don't Tread On Me says:

    democrats are big fat phonies that are all in it for themselves. Promises
    promises promises but they don’t deliver. Hillary supporters are just dumb
    brainwashed imbeciles

  12. Elke Summer says:

    “If you want to prove you’re a feminist, Hiliary, give that money back!!”
    She intervenes with IRS investigations with SWITZERLAND.

    She’s anti-police because she finds them GUILTY IMMEDIATELY, and when they
    are found NOT GUILTY, she never apologizes. For her the police are ALWAYS
    FOUND GUILTY. Also, she refuses to have uniformed police around her. POS!!

  13. paulczar says:

    Pretty tepid crowd really.

  14. Elke Summer says:

    The real JURY against HILIARY CLINTON will be the AMERICAN VOTERS on NOV 8.

  15. Mark Phelps says:

    Guliani is a sharp guy. Love listening to him speak.

  16. RiotHouse says:

    Congress doesn’t act when it comes to Hillary’s corruption because many of
    them are also corrupt! Just like the media doesn’t act when it comes to
    Hillary’s corruption, because they too are corrupt! The incestuous
    relationship between our government, our media, our corporations, and
    foreign special interests like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Soros, and many many
    others is bleeding our country dry, of jobs, of wealth, of opportunity, of
    the American Dream.

  17. Jeff Strange says:

    Just watch out for the Hitlery 18 hour Hackathon….they’ll try to rig the
    election, you can bet on it.

  18. Xavier made IT says:

    Trump you wise son of a gun I knew you where going to bounce back

  19. S Gr says:

    Interesting how Trump just busted, after a week of scripted exploding off
    the cuff… lol

  20. John Smith says:

    Where’s the little Rubio at to support his soon to be new President?