Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Winston-Salem, NC (7-25-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Winston-Salem, NC (7-25-16)

Monday, July 25, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Winston-Salem, NC at the Winston Salem Fairground Annex.

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Winston-Salem, NC (7-25-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Markltri Lomngetre says:

    MR. MacDonald, Trump,PRESIDENT OF 2016!!!

  2. Johnny Lee says:

    More enthusiasm and energy in the first twenty minutes than there was in
    over 7 hours of the DNC day 1

  3. Kay KU says:

    It makes me crack up when people say that Trump is too harsh he is too
    egotistical. Seriously this guy knows what is going wrong with our country
    and if that reality is too harsh for you then, I don’t know how to help you
    vote, but Vote for Trump, Hillary and her minions just say everything is
    not a problem nothing can hurt the USA, but they are wrong they try to
    cover up reality so when people hear the true reality of our world and
    nations downfall from the true and honest words of Trump, they can’t take
    it. It’s too tough there is too much tone with Trump. Give me a break. lol.
    People need to hear the harsh realities of what is going on it’s pitiful.
    Vote Trump if you ever wanna know what it’s like to live the American
    Dream. We all gotta vote for the future of our country. I was so easy on
    Hillary not even really touching on her wrong doings and crimes to the
    American people. Vote for a patriot that loves this country and can’t be
    bought by the crooked lobbyists that hillary clinton is owned by. That is a
    fact. The DNC is a wreck look at what’s happening the Lord is striking them
    down from within they are imploding from all their lies and crimes to
    everyone in America. They are elitists that just try to protect themselves
    and not America. It’s a crooked system, down with Crooked Hillary, and
    Bernie is a traitor to his followers, join trump at least he stands for a
    greater America and positive change for all people of this great Nation.
    Much love everyone.

  4. jose chicas says:

    I wish he had discussed his plan on fixing the problems in Winston Salem
    Instead of telling me how much my head will spin I want to hear a plan.

  5. Rick James says:

    This is just sad, ya’ll

  6. Mark Hauser says:

    Such bs trump or dump a racist

  7. Matthew Jacobsen says:


  8. Chewbacca Guitarwars says:

    Wow Pastor Inspiration👏👏👏 Super High Energy. I have a Led Foot also 😬

  9. Chewbacca Guitarwars says:

    Hey Right Side who is playing that guitar? Great Music, Thank You 🎼👍

  10. Hammer four2 says:

    we gonna jump on trump reggae train…

  11. Jackson Lind says:

    It’s cool to listen to something that is so different for me, it offers
    another perspective which I think is so important, but I have such a hard
    time wrapping my mind around this way of thinking and honestly after
    watching stuff like this I get scared. Some of the words said in this were
    so demeaning of others and most of the opinions stated were created based
    off of emotion instead of fact. It really is amazing for me to see people
    follow whoever they want and support them but this election scares me, I
    feel like we have spread so much hate throughout this last year and it
    sucks that we have to go through so much shit. We linger on stories from
    the past for evidence and insurance that whoever or whatever is the only
    way it is and can be. No one is perfect and I don’t expect perfection. I’ve
    heard so much slander of others as these speakers preach of unity. They
    preach of making america again, repeating it as if it can be the only thing
    on our agenda. It drives me crazy that we lose our shit over things here
    that are tragic but is daily around the world. I just wanna be lead by
    someone who can appreciate where we already are and what we can do to not
    only be a better us but a better global leader. People look to us around
    the world. I don’t want them to see hate as our backbone for change. I hope
    one day everyone can be treated the looked at and treated the same. Its not
    true for today and its not gonna be true in 10 years probably. The line is
    just so thin about what to takes to make people erupt now and I everything
    for everyone runs smoothly. I’m just writing from a single perspective and
    like I said I do enjoy seeing that people really do have a choice about
    what they think we need as a whole. That shit is scary though haha. Let’s
    just be better than the slandering though, step away from the scapegoating
    and use the shit we know and have working for us already too continue work
    themselves out.
    Low Key (here comes the hate train) but Obama I’m gonna miss you man.
    Y’all have a good night, day, whatever. Let’s be better than hate and
    slander though…..please ……please.

  12. Chewbacca Guitarwars says:

    Diamond and Silk are 4 real👏👏👏👏

  13. Madison Minner says:

    Wow………This guys an idiot.

  14. Alex P Keaton says:

    *G A R Y J O H N S O N 2 0 1 6*

  15. unicorn harry says:

    5 well raised children anything less is not a man. lord bless trump 2016

  16. Donald Banktrumpcy says:

    If you listen carefully you can hear Mike Pence moaning and weeping.

  17. Fredy Frankle says:


  18. Fredy Frankle says:


  19. Fredy Frankle says:

    8:25 winning! !

  20. WASHINGTONgiant says: