FULL EVENT: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Nashville, TN 3/15/17

FULL EVENT: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Nashville, TN 3/15/17

Wednesday, March 15, 2017: President Donald J. Trump will hold a rally at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. RSBN will be there with a full crew and offer pre and post rally coverage.

LIVE Stream: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Nashville, TN 3/15/17

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18 Responses

  1. nicholas thomas says:

    Manufacturing Makes America Strong !! MAGA ??

  2. nicholas thomas says:

    This rally and it’s crowd was freaking awesome !! ??

  3. East Coast Deplorables says:

    Thanks #RSBN! You folks are freakin’ AWESOME 🙂 Why aren’t you at the Sean’s WH briefings?

  4. Donna L Romero says:

    TRENDING❤everyday for

  5. jrg 9947 says:

    God Bless America

  6. angelwolff90 Chef Richard says:

    YES!!!! MAGA!!!

  7. America First! says:

    #MAGA #PresidentTrump #AmericaFIRST! #WEthePeople #DrainingTheSwamp! WE the people love and support you President Donald J Trump. Promises made, promises kept!

  8. Trey Corteź says:

    3:47:05 The lovely first daughter in law of the United States!!!

  9. Trey Corteź says:

    4:57:00 POTUS??. Lee Greenwood came out to perform God Bless The USA before introducing Trump. Go to the FB page to hear it!

  10. Georg Hieronymus says:

    These rallies are important. They keep us, the Trump supporters engaged in our politics and movement. Watching the local politicians speak to their people is great too. This is a win win.

  11. Right Side Broadcasting Network says:

    Hope you all enjoyed our coverage! Thanks to our crew for an awesome job. We’ll be in Louisville Monday for the next rally…and expect many more rallies from President Trump in the coming weeks and months- taking the message directly to the people! Proud to have our feed of all the President’s rallies simulcast on his Facebook page! Also, we are sorry that we could not play the music from The Gatlin Bros. and Lee Greenwood. YouTube has strict copyright policies and an automated system in place that can detect copyrighted songs (even cover and live versions) in the videos. If detected, you lose your ability to monetize the video. We literally spend thousands of dollars going to each event like this with a full crew- so we must be able to monetize our videos! Thanks all and see you back here on Monday in Louisville! -Joe

  12. food says:

    there should be no compromise when it comes to enforcing and upholding our laws particularly immigration laws.

  13. walt blank says:

    He was on “fire” tonight!!!!!!!

  14. Examper says:

    Why is he having rallies, he already won the election.

  15. 45th President of the United States says:

    I love America and its people!

  16. Hector Garcia says:

    so many ugly people in one place!! Hillbilly Heaven!

  17. M Sheridan says:

    that girl that keeps talking is so annoying, can’t stand her voice.

  18. Sarah G says:

    Never change President Trump! God bless you and protect you. MAGA

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