Full Event: Wikileaks/Assange Hold Press Conference 10/4/16

Full Event: Wikileaks/Assange Hold Press Conference 10/4/16

Tuesday, October 4, 2016: Full replay of the Wikileaks press conference featuring Julian Assange. Assange is expected to make an announcement and release information that could be potentially damaging to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

LIVE Stream: Wikileaks/Assange October Surprise Press Conference- What do they have on Hillary?

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20 Responses

  1. Namida says:

    Asange is the new Sean murray

  2. Super BEE says:

    Julian destroyed in one day what he had built in 10 years. TRUST!

  3. Diane Martin says:

    Wasted 2 hours I can’t get back – leaked nothing

  4. Kathy Lewis says:

    if something happens the other country has proof of Hill camp saying just
    drone him! Praying for everyone’s safety in Jesus name Amen

  5. kay hoorn (TheDragonBorn) says:

    i hope he truly has some good information in the coming weeks. this was a
    big let down.

  6. Ace says:

    This was such a major disappointment. I’m infuriated right now.

  7. Jeremy Andrews says:

    This felt more like a recruitment commercial for WikiLeaks, as well as a
    request for donations and an attempt to sell merchandise. It felt so much
    like those PBS pledge drives I used to watch as a child. What bothers me is
    that Right Side Broadcasting had to pay money to cover this event live
    because they thought it would be an important leak. So they essentially
    tricked RSB into paying for a WikiLeaks infomercial. That seems

  8. Corey Sapp says:

    Ew. Infowars. Gross.

  9. MADMAN says:

    I publicly disavow Julian Assange.

  10. HARRY K says:

    WTF????? We were expecting something juicy. This guy was bought off.

  11. Gref Klayn says:

    alex jones always asking for money the american way.

  12. P-nutts for everyone says:

    it was a press conference*not a document dump

  13. Kathleen Smyth says:

    The October Nothing Suprise

  14. Garrett Ryan says:

    Julian started of wrong with the wrong T shirt saying TRUTH , I believe
    Julian has sold out to Hillary and the evil demonic Party . Look at how
    late he was in starting , one might think he needed the extra time with
    negotiations right – UP TO – THE VERY LAST MINUTE – before his so posit –
    and WIKIKEAKS cannot be trusted now , they have made their deal while the
    whole world was waiting . We should give them anymore more of our valuable
    time . ASSANGE sold out .

  15. Old Hickory says:

    SON OF A BITCH!!!! what happened? Did Hillary get to him? I just stayed up
    all night to watch this shit not happen. This was a dumb move by a smart

  16. Super Kitty Show says:

    wtf this aint Wikileaks we know!! Assange, is thats true White House has
    bribed you???

  17. xMurkNx says:

    It’s official, Hillary has a penis.

  18. Applemask says:

    You know, the word “fail” gets thrown around a lot these days, but

  19. Michael Harris says:

    Why didn’t he write out what he wanted to say. I can’t really understand
    where he’s coming from. Maybe he’s under too much pressure or has too much
    to hold together in his head. But I’m finding it hard listening.

  20. LARRIE COLE says:

    looks like something you want to turn up the volume too, put on auto
    record, and just go back to sleep…..with a cold beer.