Full face using only Dollar Tree products!!
New videos Friday & Sunday! 😀
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51 Responses

  1. Jordan Wheaton says:

    Yessss! I love the dollar tree!!!

  2. AmyxLovatics says:

    Yaaaaaas !!! so nice that you do cheap make-up vids ! so nice to know if the cheaper stuff works ! 😍 thanks mia we love you❤

  3. nightmare says:

    *Still can’t afford Family Dollar. . .and it’s just a dollar*

  4. Rachel Hope says:

    Makeup collection please!!!

  5. Zarancutie says:

    *ahhhh 😍😍😍 so excited to watch this !!!!!* super obsessed with Mia !!!!!

  6. Suruchi Vyas says:

    Is it just me or anyone else also stopped studying for their exam n started watching Mia ❤️🙈

  7. Dust Buggy says:

    Dollar tree practically clothes me too 😂😂😂

  8. Cindy Le says:

    I think the brand is Mariposa and not Ariposa, (theres a M in the black circle I think) I watched a lot of dollar makeup challenge and Mariposa is like the makeup brand for Dollorama:)

    • Jordie Madison says:

      It’s in Canadian dollar stores. I don’t know if it’s exclusively Canadian, but I’ve never seen it in the US. I actually really like some of the products I’ve tried from them, I had a hot pink blush I used as eyeshadow for years before I got my hands on the Urban Decay Electric.

    • Mia Maples says:

      yes you are right, that was my bad ! thanks

    • Audry Soliz says:

      Cindy Le i was also gonna say that i noticed the butterfly and mariposa is spanish for butterfly lol

    • Ani Smo says:

      The two sisters of “2fillesordinaires” @2fillesordinaires (also Canadians, but they speak French) have tried so much of mariposa, and it’s actually not as bad as you might think! The brand is totally fine! Far from the quality of elf, I think, but totally worth a second look! ☺️👌🏻

    • Sheyla7555 says:

      😂 😂 😂 😂

  9. Steff Leduc says:

    You should do the wear test and let us know how long the makeup lasts 🙂

  10. Black Roses says:

    Dollar tree low-key gets slept on but has some good make up products! 🤙🏽

    • Black Roses says:

      +Sharilynn Brown your friends make fun of you for ballin’ on a budget?? 😂 Girl if you’re comfortable shopping there that’s all that matters and dollar tree does have really good items. Go to Walmart, Target, etc and the same item you think about purchasing at Dollar tree would probably be like $5-$9 maybe lol

    • Chrissy G says:

      💕 so true!

    • Jade Woo says:

      The dollar stores around me… oh wait there Is none, but the closest is the size of Starbucks and only sells off brand chips/ drinks, 1 yard of a roll of rapping paper, and the only makeup is lip gloss.

  11. Galaxy wolf says:

    You should do a dollar store full body glam, including makeup, nails, outfit, hairstyle, etc.. idk tho but this video was really funny and great

  12. Eva Lina says:

    It’s Mariposa 😊 there is an M before the ariposa. It means 🦋 in Spanish

  13. Creative Hermione TV says:

    Mia did not say “today I have a very exciting video for you guys” and I feel betrayed.

  14. Zoe says:

    I love your editing clicks you add in!! It makes the video so funny!! especially the click you added in about the fake tan while eating the ice cream!! Keep up the awesome videos!

  15. lily Barr says:

    Can you do a full face with CoverGirl?
    Pretty look.

  16. Hannah Z says:

    screams “what else is new” while eating ice cream… lmao *my hero*

  17. Snowy The Duck says:

    Omg! I thought I was the only one who thought it was Ariposa, turns out it’s Mariposa, coming from the Spanish word for “butterfly”!

  18. Britney Leigh says:

    I really love watching your videos. I can understand what your saying all the time. Its hard for me because i have this really bad learning disability. I cant understand some things people say to me and get confused easliy. But, you explain and elaborate things. And, im really thankful for that. Your a really good youtuber and i hope to keep watching more and great amazing videos. Also, i hope you get better with being sick and healthy. I heard ginger water works really well. Super natural and super healthy. Should try it. Oh, my name is britney leigh btw lol

  19. Aly Gage says:

    Mia! I have a video request for you. There is this website called mysterybrand.net and a lot of men have done videos opening the tech/apple/mens shoe boxes and it’s quite entertaining but there isn’t a single video out there with the beauty/chanel/womens shoes boxes being opened from that site. You were the first person I thought of that might be willing to do this for a video!! I would love so much if you did this!!! Please let me know your thoughts!

  20. Christine ღ says:

    awww mia is trending

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