FULL FACE USING ONLY MY MOM’S MAKEUP Challenge | NikkieTutorials

FULL FACE USING ONLY MY MOM’S MAKEUP Challenge | NikkieTutorials

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After doing the Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup and Liquid Lipsticks, today after many requests I’m doing the FULL FACE USING ONLY MY MOM’S MAKEUP Challenge! Oh, sweet makeup memories… Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

Please let me know who created this challenge so I can tag them here!


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28 Responses

  1. NikkieTutorials says:


    • Antoinette P says:

      NikkieTutorials my mom always wore bright red lipstick with brown eyeshadow

    • Angela Gilchriest says:

      And your mother is so pretty💝

    • Colin With One L. says:

      NikkieTutorials I will always remember my mom wearing a deep red, matte lipstick. She’ll still wear it to this day when she wants to feel “dressed up.”

    • Alexa Blue says:

      Hi Nikkie! You are such an inspiration to me. I remember when my mom had a pallet of only nude shimmers and she would put one of every shimmer on! It looked kinda silly but in a way, she pulled it off!

    • Sarah Brodie says:

      Loved this video! My mum has never been all that great when it comes to makeup, because her mum didn’t ever wear it, but we’ve always done trips to Sephora together and we love it – it’s our favourite mother daughter bonding time! She is, however, a big lipstick wearer, and my overriding memory of that was buying tinted lip balms from L’Occitane years ago and feeling super grown up because I got to wear the same as my mum and because they smelled like wine!

  2. Julia Paige says:

    i remember the dark purpley red lipgloss she would always wear whenever she is going out and i remember giving her mine when i got one as a gift and she would wear it all the time.

  3. Maria Villa says:

    My mom always and still does wear little makeup and isn’t really great at it😂 but I help her out so I remember she used to put her lip stick as blush:) and she used to put almost every day these purple eyeshadows

  4. emily k says:

    NIKKI I LOVE YOU SO MUCH😭😭 I WOULD REALLY LOVE TOO WIN THIS!! The thing i remember most with my mom was her using her FINGERS to rub her foundation in, until i finally last year introduced her too the freaking Beauty Blender!!!!🤗 about time!!

  5. MinorGirl57 says:

    owo whats this

  6. Cady says:

    my mom had this beautiful blush that went perfectly with her tan skin but I would always steal it to put it on, but I’m the color of paper so it didn’t really work out too wrll. it didn’t matter though because everytime I put it on, I felt beautiful like my mom

  7. LaraUAE says:

    I forsee a lot of people doing this trend, but it’s super cute so I can’t wait. A trend from my mom? Huh… she uses these jet black eyeliner pencils to thinly draw on her brows lollll.

  8. MinorGirl57 says:

    Lol my mom used to & still does to this day have duo eyeshadows. she only wears two colors & she blends it in with her fingers. Every time I see it i die a little bit inside lol

  9. Procrastinating says:

    Waiting on that new years look babe! My mom goes with the red lipstick and the same lipstick on the cheeks look, classic 😉

  10. Aim shenigans says:

    My mom is in her 80s…she never wore any makeup. We were dirt poor. The only day she ever put makeup on is on my wedding day. She lloked 20 yrs younger! I would love to take her makeup shopping! Thank u of I win! We would appreciate it more than anyone! Also im a sahm with 2 young kids. I hvnt been makeup shopping in years and I LOVE MAKEUP!

  11. mary solis says:

    I remember my mom would love to wear those cocoa-red shades on her lip it was her go to anywhere and she always have to curl those lashes because she felt she didn’t have any there was no foundation or B.B. cream ever in her purse only cover girl pressed powder because I remember she would say she loved the smell of it which is how I started to find an interest in makeup that smells good like the tarte palletes 😭😍😍

  12. heidy andrez says:

    What I remember growing up my mom always loved to use blush but the blush at the darkest shade and her eyeshadow she sane thing has one blush and love using dark colors for her eyes and that is all she wear and she still does it till this day 😂

  13. Emma Cihanowyz says:

    My mom always wears Lancôme makeup usually just mascara and a subtle blush

  14. Kelly Ford says:

    Nikkie awesome video-loved the omage to Mom!!! You are both beautiful inside and out. Mom you have a 2nd YouTube fan, second only to Nikkie

  15. Elaine S says:

    Besides English

  16. emily paul says:

    My mom would only use mascara. Because she has little eyelashes. but she never did anything else. I remember her doing up her hair more than her face ! But now she uses a bb cream.. and blush. Haha, love you mom!

  17. Michelle Beaumont says:

    My mom never wore a lot of makeup but i remember almost every night she would wear a clay mask while cleaning

  18. Julie Schuer says:

    Your new intro 😍🙈 When I was growing up my mom always wore a winged eyeliner and a brown mascara. When I was little I used to sneak into her make-up bag but recently it is the other way around..😅 I love how she keeps inspiring my everyday day!! ❤️

  19. weeshnaaa says:

    Maybe you could do your moms makeup

  20. Eunice Medina says:

    Btw you are so beautiful and I love how you do your makeup 😍

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