FULL Fortnite x Travis Scott Astronomical Concert

FULL Fortnite x Travis Scott Astronomical Concert

Watch as Travis Scott comes to live in the game of Fortnite to bring you his new track premiere while also putting on a full live concert that takes over the whole map. It’s an intensely immersive experience so strap in and get ready for a wild ride.


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71 Responses

  1. MrOathFlame says:

    I’m positive that we were sent into a new timeline when December 2019 ended.

  2. Matthew Clark says:

    When The Scotts played everyone lost it on Twitter “wHAt SoNG iS ThiS” but little did they know Travis pulled a sneaky on us with that Kid Cudi guest appearance

  3. Infinity Bros19 says:

    Imagine how many lines of code there is for this event

    • QuackQuiroz says:

      @Andrew Moore oh i thought you were serious because the fortnite community is so bad these days i cant even tell between actual comments and jokes

    • Snazzy says:

      @DACRATIC IOS Animation Engines require code, animations require animation engines. Vast majority of animators have zero coding knowledge. You would know this if you did either.

    • BeastBomber23 says:

      @ivan hale gui is not 3d infact theres a thing called 2d3d that does this type of stuff, gui is stuff like your health

    • DACRATIC IOS says:

      @Snazzy I’ve done both, there’s no way that the animators haven’t contributed to the code at all or else everything wouldn’t of been in sync, the animation and the code always for hand in hand

    • Jaden Hou says:


  4. Silly Goose says:

    Im jus glad I was stoned af seeing it for the first time

  5. John Terranova says:

    Okay now that was epic. No but honestly I’ve never seen anything like this is my years of gaming. Wild

  6. Timothy Lhha Renthlei says:

    Remind me of the Newspaper in Detroit becomes Human stating that having a VR concert and there’s no longer much a real Concert going on. 😂

  7. The curious one says:

    He looks like og loc when he dance lol

  8. DynamicUnreal says:

    One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in gaming!

  9. lucas Rodriguez says:

    Despite all the hate on Fortnite and all that, this was actually pretty impressive

  10. keith .adams says:

    I’m not big fan of fortnite but I gotta admit this was truly something well done

  11. J. NamWEN. says:

    Fortnite: “we ain’t goin knowhere fam.”

  12. aerorain says:

    I don’t even play this game and when I turned to my brother’s screen I just see a giant Travis Scott vibing all over the map lmao

  13. Lil Sports says:

    10 Year Olds: *”I remember this song from Fortnite and Travis Scott concert.”*

  14. LongArcticNights says:

    such a ambitious event, they made this at home which is insane

  15. Daniel Rollins says:

    Games should definitely do this more often that was dope AF

    • javier arzola says:

      For reals not a fan of him or his music but just regardless the work they put in for it was crazy af just the graphics alone was crazy af

    • HS Melvin Lopez says:

      @javier arzola If other artists see this they might be tempted to work with Epic Games to make an ingame concert. It could happen and if it does they might have just started a new fab or trend of having a virtual concert. But it sldo depends on what type of music it is.

  16. SaintLulzington says:

    I haven’t been this impressed in a LONG Time. Regardless of how you feel about the game or the artist this was a technological FEAT. I gotta see it in person tonight

  17. Chandler says:

    Can you imagine what vr is gonna be like in decades from now? Hopefully it’s gonna be close to ready player one. Just imagine the concerts from your own home that you can attend.

  18. SIX says:

    This is the closest il get to meeting Travis Scoot ever in my life

  19. Sunnyyy says:

    I haven’t played this game in MONTHS and this is what I come back to lol

  20. Aliyah no says:

    I try to not remember that this is the guy that fell down the stage while being in auto tune.

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