Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Clippers | LeBron Returns To Action

Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Clippers | LeBron Returns To Action

After being sidelined for 17 games with an injury, LeBron James returned to action tonight and recorded 24 points, 14 rebounds and 9 assists to lead the Lakers to a 123-120 victory over the Clippers in overtime. Lance Stephenson added 20 points (6-10 FG) for the Lakers in the game. Lou Williams led the Clippers with 24 points (10-18 FG), to go with 6 assists as he registered his league-leading 21st game with 20+ points off the bench this season. With the win, the Lakers improve to 27-25, while the Clippers fall to 28-24 on the season.

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78 Responses

  1. MTB4miSoul says:

    Only dude I aint going to miss on the Lakers is HART….dude spends more time playing Fortnite than working on his game.

    • Aristides Gonzalez says:

      Y’all are so stupid. These athletes have all this free time. If they wanna play games let them. Lol

    • Raxengun says:

      A Google User yeah it’s tendinitis and they’re making him play through it which is tough and it shows in his game

    • Mamba Out says:

      He’s hella inconsistent, he would make a crazy tough three. But then go on to miss 5 wide open ones. Hustle real hard to get the ball, then turn it over like an idiot. Lock up a player one play. Then bail him out the next play with a dumb foul.

    • Hair Hat Exterminator says:

      +Aristides Gonzalez sounds like u the stupid one. if i am a scrub who cant shoot for shit. on my free time guess what i will be doing? shooting duh. that way i dont look like a idiot infront of the world. how the fk if i am trash at my craft, i am going to spend my free time perfecting another craft that does not pay me?

    • MTB4miSoul says:

      +Mamba Out thats a perfect description of his game lol. Also Him missing all those High Fives with teammates is the perfect example of him not being locked it…that shit isn’t normal.

  2. Kobe Bryant says:

    How they gonna stop it when Rondo look like he about to fight ?

  3. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Lebron Still the best player in the World??

  4. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Lebron >>Kd and Curry??

  5. DIAZTV says:

    Why rondo walking crippled at the end

  6. MyWigStudio says:

    Lakers better make the playoffs chances are small though

  7. Arbaaz Patel says:

    The king is back!!

  8. Bobby Padilla says:

    More Laker fans tonight than Clippers?

  9. Santiago alzate says:

    Ingram playing like he wants to be a Pelican

  10. Carlos Cuello says:

    Did anyone notice how the clippers were the home team but fans were cheering for lakers? Lmao

  11. Eric Dupree says:

    Rondo smart ASF ?

  12. Lgar Eyebanz says:

    The clippers were at “home” but this was still a laker home game ??

    • Muhammad Matthews says:

      Lgar Eyebanz lmao that’s one of those questions you think about when you’re high, like. ”since they play in the same Arena, do it make it a home game for both teams?”?

  13. jacobobeast says:

    *Breaking: Lakers trade Luke Walton for Anthony Davis. LeBron becomes new head coach.*

  14. Nicki Minaj says:

    It is so refreshing to see lebron back in uniform

  15. Ivan Espinal says:

    It think it’s time for the NBA to consider moving the Clippers the hell out of LA, take them to Seattle repackage them as the Sonics. Nobody will miss them.

  16. Parish Slaughter says:

    Watching lebron shoot is funny after watching videos of people impersonating him????

  17. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

    Laker haters on suicide watch lol.??

  18. Focus Objectives says:

    Shannon is going to be popping off on skip in a few hours, cant wait!

  19. Rihanna Fenty says:

    The Lakers are different team when LeBron plays

  20. Tua Tagovailoa says:

    God bless everyone who views and comments on this video

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