Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Thunder | Kuzma Goes Off For 32 Points

Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Thunder | Kuzma Goes Off For 32 Points

The Lakers defeated the Thunder in overtime 138-128. The Lakers tied their franchise record with 19 made 3-point field goals, led by Kyle Kuzma’s game-high 32 points and 7 3pt FGs. The Thunder hit a franchise record 22 3-point field goals in the losing effort, and were led by Russell Westbrook’s 26 points, 13 assists and 9 rebounds. With the win, the Lakers improve to 25-21, while the Thunder fall to 26-18 on the season.

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84 Responses

  1. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    For every like I will add a ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Jay Reid says:

    Let’s go ball running point kuzz dropping buckets

  3. Derek Heiowre says:

    Kyle Kuzma for an all star.

  4. La mera verga viejo Fiera says:

    They could make a run boy but they need to play like these laker gang

  5. Zeno Sama says:

    Lakers 138
    Oklahoma city refs 128

  6. Raiception says:

    Westbrook 7/30. someone tell this man to stop shooting

  7. JJ Walker says:

    Trash Thunder exposed by Lakers without LeGoat. Just wait till LeKing comes back. He’ll be back to doing what he does best. DOMINATING. Warriors stand no chance. Had to get another top player just to try to dethrone the King but it wont work. LeBron 2019 MVP. LeLakers 2019 Champs.

  8. Julius Ulit says:

    Lost to Cavs beat OKC. Brah I’m not getting it.

  9. Most Trill says:

    Lakers 2019 champions confirmed ?

  10. Nfl Ref says:

    Damn refs were trying hard to give the thunder that W but in the end the refs, the thunder, the fans, and the city got the L

  11. fuck all niggers says:

    Lonzo had Westbrick in prison LMAO.

    • Tiito Motivs says:

      +A Google User lonzo fouled before the shot soooooooo that’s not on him

    • A Google User says:

      +Williams Jang and u just a dick rider plain and simple.

    • A Google User says:

      +Jay Vontay Swing why are we locking onto one game? It’s people like you who just praise a person one game and stay quiet the next. Do people really watch basketball games or just go through highlights? You’re aware highlights show the best blocks or shots of the game, not the entire game?

    • A Google User says:

      +Tiito Motivs I just commented about that, soooo learn how to read retard.

  12. rcsc824 sc says:

    Where was the guitar at Westbrook?? ????.

  13. Christopher Gutierrez says:

    Lonzo redeem himself in OT for that silly foul in the last seconds of regulation

  14. Alejandro Valentin says:

    This is the Chino Hills/UCLA Lonzo that we’ve needed.

  15. Jeff van wieren says:

    Zubac was hot tonight, made a huge difference.

  16. Xavier Jacobs says:

    Zubac reminds me of Gasol..good game Kuzma, Ball…..#LakerNation

    • WCPFISH says:

      Zubac finishes with both hands, high IQ, keeps the ball high, and plays hard….if he had athleticism….he’d be a beast. But I think he’ll still have a 10 year career and be a great 7th or 8th guy to run with the second unit. Nice pick up by LA in that draft position.

  17. Sesh says:

    Damn George you really missed your chance to do something great with this Lakers team. Enjoy being a great regular season team and being a joke in the playoffs At least you can spend time with your best friend Westbrick all summer!

  18. Xoomal Jones says:

    Thunder fans quiet tonight LMFAO. Westbrick and George Paul gonna get eliminated in the 1st round AGAIN.

  19. eshesimua says:

    I just want to thank Ximo Pierto for teaching the NBA how to show highlights

  20. O.K says:

    Honestly we need to give props to Hart cause that man was hustling every lose ball

    • Brandon bates says:

      Thank you,I was going to school this dude on another video talking abt Lakers didnt play well outside Kuzma,Ball,Zubac

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