Full House Nights

Full House Nights

The Full House daddies aren’t just back in Fuller House, they’ve got another reboot coming soon that’s much grittier.

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Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family — and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves — Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!”

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20 Responses

  1. BartJ583 says:

    They have aged well, I am surprised.

  2. Jaime Lannister says:

    Damn that intro song was incredible

  3. Jeremy Hines says:

    I want Colbert’s jacket! Who makes it!?

  4. Cam Ward says:

    That intro was a pretty sick cover :)

  5. Jay Ryan says:

    this is very fallon-esc

  6. Koko Pilti says:

    Bob saget used to be hot

  7. WeLoveBadJokes says:

    Sad reminder that at some point in time someone thought ‘Baywatch Nights’
    was a good idea.

  8. Chazertron Fivethou-Sand says:

    I dig the re-tuned jam of the main theme.

  9. Amilakasun1 says:

    That awesome wire intro. :)

  10. Brandon Harvey says:

    Fuck Full House, they’re going to put out a Hey Arnold movie to tie up the
    last episode where we find out what happened to his parents! Gotta love
    that they’re finally realizing in the media just how much we all love the
    way shows used to be.

  11. iChinnyAce says:

    Damn.. I wish they’d put this Theme song for Fuller House!!

  12. Conner Broeker says:

    Joey was nice in Full House but seeing a 50 something year old play a man
    child is just weird

  13. tefaclark says:

    I totally want to buy that cover of the Full house song

  14. sam stauder says:

    The only thing worse than studios rebooting old crap, because of a lack of
    originality, is Bob Saget.

  15. Jihan Salsabila says:

    John Stamos is older than Stephen…

  16. niccolom says:

    That “dark” cover of the theme song sounds so much better than the original

  17. AntDanCast says:

    better than fuller house

  18. Adriana C says:

    the theme song tho ?

  19. Mackenzie Grimm says:

    That punch tho

  20. themissingelement says:

    Major props to the theme song! Excellently done audio and visuals!