Full interview: President Trump responds to Russian asset allegations, border updates

Full interview: President Trump responds to Russian asset allegations, border updates

President Donald Trump talks about the continuing government shutdown and border crisis.

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85 Responses

  1. Katrin Kabrial says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll be in jail before next election.

  2. jong lee says:

    Trump 2020!! Best president!!

    • Bubba Toonday says:

      +Billy Summers Keep dreaming Billy. After 2 1/2 years we have still been presented with ZERO proof of these tin-foil-hat Russian conspiracies.
      Having a deep-state alphabet agency like cia who’s sole business is lying/deception———–asking us to go on their say-so with out proof is beyond suspect.

    • Bubba Toonday says:

      Yet it’s ok to spend over a 100 BILLION a year on illegals abusing our system….right?Walls WORK.
      Just ask ISRAEL!
      If you had ANY military-sense to you you’d figure it out…..but you wouldn’t want to because you see all those invaders as new Democrat-voters.
      How does it feel to be a TRAITOR to the US?
      Or are you another fruity foreigner?

    • Nicolas Ortiz says:

      jong lee thank God for blessing us 18 year olds the right to vote because I’m sure as hell not letting this motherfucker be our president next year

    • cathy turner says:

      @Jong lee Why just why you racist stupid simpleton

    • TheMeme Toad says:

      Your drunk and we are all going to get nuked.

  3. Anon says:

    Trump is a patriot, I never thought I’d see a patriot in the White House. God bless America

  4. mubmub mubmub says:

    33 indictments, 101 criminal charges, 7 guilty pleas, and 5 Trumpsters flipped. Robert Mueller is doing gods work.

  5. Welder R. says:

    I am support Trump from far away and cold area it’s called Alaska… Wall wall..

    • DNC ISKKK says:

      +Forget Number One We are all “bots”, we followers of saint Donald of Triumph. Norwegian bot here, it is a global conspiracy, not only russia, now it is NATO too. Hahaha, they feeble minded radical leftists are funny. Their biggest enemy is reality, imagine waking up everyday, and eat breakfeast while pndering how to disprove reality and lie to yourself. Terrible, what a terrible illness the children of the lie have. I so hope that supreme leader of the free world, will revamp US mental healthcare, you have a national crises in that regard I think.

    • riverend.net says:

      наша великая белая надежда!

    • Sid Paryani says:

      I’m guessing Alaska doesn’t have english classes just because of your grammar

    • snowman12345ism says:

      Forget Number One because they’re all dumbfucks who don’t know anything

  6. Truth Seeker 714 says:

    Build that WALL! Build that WALL! Build that WALL!

  7. Монте Карло says:

    President Trump trying to do The right thing for the United States I will definitely vote for the United States president again only Donald Trump only

  8. yaydoggies says:

    This woman just told her viewers 90% of the heroin comes through the southern border.. but y’all keep lapping it up.

  9. luvvinallmusik 57 says:

    Trump *didn’t* answer her when she asked if he was working for Russia. His rambles sound like his tweets.

    • Carlanga 310 says:

      That man in that painting looks familiar. ??

    • Lance Hall says:

      OK, so exactly what is he supposedly doing for Russia… It’s been almost 4 years now on this accusation. Syria? Funny that when he sent in troops he was helping Russia and no if he pulls out troops he’s helping Russia. You know this anti-Russia thing has been active Deep State propaganda for years now even before Trump. I was commenting on it 5 years ago a full two years before Trump. It’s one thing to accuse someone of being a puppet but then at some point you actually have to explain what the manipulation actually is. Trump needs to just say we are going to have an excellent relationship with Russia (which we should) and tell Congress and the Dems to go to Hell. Obama tried to cripple our energy industry which benefited no one but Russia and the Saudis.

    • Taylor Albaugh says:

      Whoopity Doo You say that as if it’s fact. lol Get a life.

    • Taylor Albaugh says:

      luvvinallmusik 57 can you imagine being accused of something over and over and over and over and over and over and over and knowing you aren’t guilty of it yet you get accused over and over and over and over.. I would get tired of answering that question too.

    • acorn sucks says:

      You are working for china.

  10. FredFlintstone21 says:

    You’re right! They’re dirty players! Look what they did to Judge Kavanough! It’s a hell of a thing to get accused of something you didnt do!

    • Shawn Gulley says:

      What about being a liar he lies so much he can’t remember the lies he told can you guys see it on a daily basis what are you guys seeing that I’m not?

    • FredFlintstone21 says:

      +Just Duffy ok almighty wise one

    • Carolyn Barnett says:

      Hit dogs holler!!

    • Breanne Dixon says:

      How do you know he didn’t do it?
      I understand questioning it, and asking the reverse question “how do you know she didn’t lie about it”, but considering there’s 0 evidence on either side, what you’re saying is a bit ignorant

    • snowman12345ism says:

      When kavanough blames the clintons for everything that happens to him he should be worshipped

  11. Sɑrɑ Fɑıəllɑ says:

    Amazing President. Amazing. Getting rid of Corrupt Government Agents! AMEN.

    • Auf Klärung says:

      AMEN? You Idiot believe in GOD and Amaze Trump? Jesus would like to hang twice….

    • Brittnie Hayward says:

      What the wall suppose to do?? They can travel all kind of ways, boats, trains, underground etc… spending that much money don’t make any sense. If you want to just give away money. Just fly a plane and start dumping money out all over the U.S.

    • Nicolas Ortiz says:

      Sɑrɑ Fɑıəllɑ well this government’s been crap for a very long time still is go Trump

    • snowman12345ism says:

      Yeah how is he doing that again? No evidence no opinion

  12. John John says:

    The democrats should be tried for treason.

    • Les Stew says:

      are we still playing the opposite game? lock her up.. lock her up

    • Ivan says:

      For what? Russian bot he’s had 2 years with a full republican congress and never did anything about a wall, you just believe everything this orange meat ball says and he is so happy about fooling you!

    • Broman Flatwood says:

      Lol where is the treason being commited? Id like a logically answer lol do you even know what treason means or do you say that word cause trump says it along with collusion and fake news. Are those the only words you know? Lol

    • Austin Fitch says:


    • snowman12345ism says:

      John John you have no evidence whatsoever who are you fooling

  13. Bert Harbinson says:

    15:37 POTUS is hinting to us there are a lot of people from the Obama administration going to jail.

  14. VAPEMANIAM says:

    A homie didn’t you know Mexicans come from Mexico, LMFAO you can’t stop no Mexican with a wall!

  15. jimmy1132 says:

    How about we take care of our OWN problems in the U. S. before we give away trillions of dollars to  other countries……… National security is one of our major issues.

    • Tyler says:

      +Bofa Sofa $1.5 billion was paid to Planned Parenthood over 3 years. At least $30 million went to Democrats for 2018 election. Why are taxpayers ultimately funding partisan elections? Tip of the iceberg? Drain the swamp!

    • Rojar Dakar says:

      It’s obviously disintegrating on the border but the demorats would see us destroyed rather than agree with Trump! Criminal bastards!

  16. Enrique Diaz says:

    Wait..why are people even trying to get into America?But why are they breaking the Wall?

  17. Thaddeus Wright says:

    only idiots believe in a person who says; “my crowd was the largest ever” when you can clearly see that it wasn’t. Only idiots believe in a man who says ” If elected, I will release my taxes” and he clearly didn’t. Only idiots believe in a man who said, ” Mexico will pay for the wall” and now wants the American tax payers to pay. Only idiots believe in a man who says, “I don’t know any russians” when his son has said he clearly does… Only idiots still believe in a man who says “I never had any deals with russians” when his signature on a business deal shows he clearly did. Only idiots believe in a man who said “I hire the best people” when all of the convicted felons from his campaign clearly shows that he doesn’t. Only idiots believe in a man who says “North Korea has destroyed its nuclear capability” when they clearly haven’t. Only idiots believe in a man who says “We had no meetings with russians” when you see russians sitting with his family and friends during his inauguration. Only idiots believe in a man who says “i’m a great businessman” when he has had 5 bankruptcies and no bank in the United States of America will loan him a dime and he has to get his money from Russia, according to his son Eric. Only idiots believe in a man who says “I will give you the best healthcare as soon as i’m elected” and he clearly didn’t. Only idiots believe in a man who says, ” I never said mexico will write us a check for the wall” when he is on video clearly saying that. Only idiots believe in a man who says “Michael Cohen is a good man”, and then when Cohen agrees to tell the truth say “Michael Cohen was always a bad person”. I can go on and on, but clearly only idiots still will believe in the clown in thief trump. Some of you people won’t be satisfied until trump sells the country to the highest bidder…and you hate NFL players for kneeling in silent protest, yet you love the russian plant…SMH

    • snowman12345ism says:

      Daniel Hood yeah because now being a good person means you’re automatically a democrat

    • TheMeme Toad says:


    • Mark Madison says:

      President Trump best President in my lifetime. Born during President Reagan’s presidency. Out of all those presidents Trump is the only one not currupt. He also is the only one that represents the citizens best interests.

      Trump would back a bill that has Mexico pay for the wall it was Democrats or globalists that blocked it in the Senate. If you knew how the government works the Bill’s have to pass both houses to get to the President, Senate needs 60 votes for Bill’s to get passed. Democrats believe in two things government dependency and the rich control everyone through government.

  18. mlim91 says:

    use the Ted Cru’z El Chapo funding!! Thats a great idea and use the emergency funding for the disaster relief in the US and its territories.

    • Michael Kirkpatrick says:

      mlim – trump does not have the power to do all that, he’s just blowing smoke. he’s been in office 2 years, and only now figuring out he can’t just do anything he wants. amazing how moronic this guy is, and 33% of america actually support him, ergo level of morons is 33%. we have a stat for it now

    • mlim91 says:

      Presidents in the past used emergency power that were viewed as highly “controversial”. If POTUS were to use those emergency powers to fund Texas and Puerto Rico i can assume there wont be as much push back. The El Chapo idea is great because we can use any funds confiscated to be used for programs and infrastructure. do i see this happening? nope, but this idea can encourage those in congress to pass it.

  19. John King says:

    Simple question: “Are you a Russian asset?”
    Trump’s answer: Anything but ‘NO’!

  20. AboutMyFathersWork Always says:

    I think Trump has suffered a stroke. He can barely talk without slurring.

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