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  1. westie kid says:

    Prince Harry 🤴🏼 and Princess Meghan 👸🏽

    • faithoffaith says:

      westie kid No, I think you’ve got your wires crossed somewhere. Here in the UK if a woman marries a Prince and their immediate family are neither royal or aristocratic they don’t become a Princess. It is only those born into the royal family to royal parent’s that they’re born Prince or Princess otherwise formally anyone who marries into the family would take their husband first name and be addressed accordingly so in this case if Harry chose not to have a dukedom bestowed on him she would be known as HRH Princess Henry of Wales instead of Duchess but since it is more than likely the dukedom title will be accepted by both she would then be styled HRH Rachel Duchess of….As is tradition when marrying a Duke you share the rank but she wouldn’t become a Princess likewise their children will not be styles Prince or Princess but Lord or Lady this is because she is not a British national citizen or her family although this could technically change if either the Queen steps in or she gets a British citizenship.

    • marry got says:

      westie kid dumbass

    • udasan says:

      faithoffaith Thank you for explaining and the would be title for her and for him. Though I have to say that her name is not Rachel. That is her TV name in Suits.

    • faithoffaith says:

      udasan I’m afraid your wrong lol her real name is really Rachel, Meghan is her middle name.

    • Tommy says:

      She will not be a princess

  2. A. L. says:

    Harry looks pale and unsure.

    • Aaron P.B. says:

      A. L. :He is very private and doesn’t like the press. I think he just wants to keep the authenticity of the relationship to themselves. Or maybe your right and they are both totally soulless humans who drink blood at dawn and this is just a grand show to enrich the royal family by raping the British underclass.

    • Clair Duffy says:

      david lyon Can’t have Harry marrying somebody from Asia. Did you hate Diana this much too? Her mother is black. Chill. This is the big bad world. People fall in love with whoever they wish. She looks half black. Love it or fuck off.

    • TheDestroller says:

      A. L. Nah, i love his skin colour, fair skin is always better, it contrasts with his red hair and lips, he’s gorgeous

    • Dr East as says:

      +Clair Duffy she’s not Asian afro-amarican

    • 154angel154 says:

      WHY? DO you want Him???

  3. Clare Hill says:

    Congratulations to them both 💓

  4. Channel Kids says:

    People I love it when I see you racist people comment it’s about time the royal family got a bit of chocolate in the family Go Prince Harry

  5. Jihane Kasbi says:

    Two love birds ❤❤❤ I LOVE THEM TOGETHER

    • Jihane Kasbi says:

      Dubai Trader I don’t care about what they do behind the scenes, Im here to watch two people being interviewed basta! Don’t be a troll, it’s because of people like you the west make a bad assumption about our religion.

    • Dubai Trader says:

      Jihane Kasbi so giving naseeha has becoming trolling , then I ask Allah to put u on judgement day with Harry and this creature, it’s amazing the socially engineered zombie known as jihane is telling ppl not troll or teach about religion, u can’t drag ppl to heaven with chains the prophet was right

    • Dubai Trader says:

      May the west burn if u care what they think about u have a major split personality , are u western puppet or an independent muslimah

    • Dubai Trader says:

      Jihane Kasbi anyways ur blocked time is precious and u are of little worth

  6. Super Hans says:

    I’m happy for them and I do support the Royal Family but this is not important news. There is one pensioner, one middle aged man, two toddlers and soon to be a new born baby closer in line to the throne than Harry is. Congratulations to them but it’s not a big event for the country.

    • BigVic says:

      Super Hans ay super hans PEEP SHOW

    • Madmadison says:

      I dont think Harry expects it to be a big event for the country. I think he would rather keep low key like they did while seeing each other for quite sometime, but like he said in their interview, he does have a role and the people make it big and of course the media! After all, he is a prince and has a role to fulfill…I saw this man walk behind his mother’s casket…the poor boy at the age of 12 and everything he’s been through coming to grips with losing his mom, who loved her boys dearly…he deserves all the happiness he can have and know his mom would be so happy for him…the royals never stay out of the news for long, no matter the reason! I hope they have an awesome wedding!!

    • Barbie 23 says:


    • Vicki Daniels says:

      Super Hans
      Who was only 12 years old when he lost his mother and wasn’t allowed to grieve as the world watched the late Princesses’ funeral. He had to show that ‘stiff upper lip’ when all he wanted was his (has they say in Great Britian) mum.
      It’s that ‘happy ever after’ everyone wants for him. They want him to be happy.

    • icedbannanas says:

      Super Hans will there be a new season of Peep Show?

  7. Thomas Bland says:

    For all those that say she is ‘acting’ or coming across false…She probably is ‘acting’ in the sense that she has to present herself in a certain way, and has to create a certain ‘public image’. But who doesn’t. We all have to act a certain way when at work or in the public sphere, in a way we wouldn’t in our private lives. We all ‘act’ a certain way when presenting ourselves to the outside world. So I say give her a break.

  8. Strangeways says:

    I hate hearing people’s mouth salvia through the mic. Ugh. 😱🤤

  9. Techmical says:

    Come on, realistically she HAS to be legit enough to marry him. Don’t you think her personal life was investigated since the day she was born, every phone call, text, email, keystroke. Good luck to them both

    • Anthony Smith says:

      ohwell94 what makes them thhe Kardashians, just because she black she isnt good enough?

    • Anthony Smith says:

      Bridget Cox so being black disqualified her? Bigot much? Her career is just that, a career. Nothing wrong with that either. And divorce isn’t a bad thing. If she was still married harry wouldn’t have met h is soul mate.


      she won’t become the monarch . 100% I can guarantee that . I can see her being divorced from prince harry in a couple of years.

    • Mr&Mrs Fleming says:

      It’s like watching Mr & Mrs Smith therapy scene……. When does the gun fight start?


      ikr . I just know that she will pay a price. plus she’s supposed to be beheaded by henry 8th

  10. Dzooky P2P says:

    is this chick an actor ? she comes off like an actor. I like Harry, Hope he’s happy. She’s okay, i’d bang.

  11. peachlily22 says:

    they look SO happy and in love!

    • TreeHairedGingerAle says:

      Truly, you can tell. He looks so at ease, and she can’t keep her eyes off him. n_n They’re just so cute together!!

  12. AWResistance says:


    • Anthony Smith says:

      Dorian Graye you don’t know what love look like huh?

    • virgofemme5 says:

      gladifly I rebuke that word curse you tried to put out on them. In Jesus Christ name, the words you typed out will Never come to pass. Megan and Harry will have a lifelong and beautifully balanced marriage!!

  13. AWResistance says:

    If Harry was a builder she wouldn’t have looked twice.

  14. Cameron Jones says:

    ahhh she looks strange when she’s not with Mike!

  15. Nadi nadi says:

    He has no idea what he’s let himself in for. Remember folks she’s an actress!

  16. Rima Z says:

    This makes me soooo happy. Lady Di is smiling down for sure, I really do wish them all the very best and as a Brit, this makes me immensely proud. Man like Harry you know, my G. What a beautiful union. Blessings. 💕

    • Justin Norwood says:

      How is she Biracial & Obama is Black if they both have white and black parents??

    • animosity4u says:

      Rima Z Anyone who loved our Dianna should be happy for her boy.

    • Bridget Cox says:

      I don’t think the Queen is smiling down somehow despite her grascious response. I can’t imagine her being overly taken by the idea of the next generation of Windsor’s being part black. And Harry marrying an American Hollywood actress model divorcée. Seriously totally unacceptable. Modernising is one thing, but this is a total over correction. , You cannot have an American divorced actress who’s half black marrying into the family. The Queen should have put her foot down and said an outright No to this ridiculous arrangement. Harry needs to be more responsible with his choices. How is anyone meant to look up to a Royal family that is now being filled with commoners. There’s no longer any point in having a ‘Roral’ family. Meghan Markle has taken the Royal right out of the family.

    • 154angel154 says:

      Justin Norwood Her white is visible! POINT BLANK!!!…IT CAN’T be one thing for one biracial kid and one thing for another!!!

  17. NickandM says:

    *She is 36, if they are going to have children, they better hurry up. She is already on the old side….*

    • cough pillbox says:

      They can wait, but the longer the wait, the higher chance of a birth deformity

    • Denise Eggert says:

      Cineg Summer Who are you giving that remark to ? At least I know the statistics in this day and age . The upper limit of having babies of most women I work with is 42 or 43. Of course, one must realize that these women live a healthy life, have excellent nutrition , they exercise, have frequent medical check ups and ultrasounds , etc. The majority of women have their children between ages 34 to 39 .
      They are in a lot better shape than those who have babies at age 14 to 19 without nutrition, without visible means of support or an interested father or partner for support, who are still children themselves and lack emotional maturity to take on such responsibility themselves .
      In the past , people lived in homes with extended family members who supported them and helped. When women were told that age 30 was too old to have a child , the life expectancy was 60 to 65.
      We have scores of octogenarians and several seniors in their nineties to 100 due to changes in medical care and lifestyle .
      That has dramatically changed childbearing as well .

    • mcguitars says:

      NickandM she’s looks pretty great of for 36. Kate on the other hand looks a little washed up. She has this “been there done that” persona.

    • animosity4u says:

      Justin Norwood because he knows this biracial crap is divisive bullshit made up by White Mothers who had Children with Black men but didn’t want to be a part of the Black community or had no idea how to raise a nonwhite child in a racist society like America. They thought they could pass on some kind of “white privilege” with this absurdity. Very similar to the kinds of privilege accorded to mulattoes, octoroons, quadroons and mulattos as opposed to African/Negroes in slavery. It is meaningless. In fact all Black people in America are already biracial. In fact, they are multiracial so it is a stupid neoliberal, bourgeois term. A term Markle herself admits she didn’t start using until her teens.

    • Aplus_Nerd says:

      He could have babies closer to 50

  18. They Told Me Turn Su Su Su says:

    His mum would be proud what a great person he is

  19. Cyph3r -xx- says:

    She’s gorge…great couple…pretty babies to follow

  20. Soul Care with Aswynn Willowroot says:

    Is it wrong to think that this announcement is one of the best things to happen in 2017? lol Bravo and best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness for Harry and Meghan. 🙂

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