FULL Kathy Griffin Press Conference on Severed Trump Head Photo – MUST WATCH

FULL Kathy Griffin Press Conference on Severed Trump Head Photo – MUST WATCH

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Kathy Griffin & her attorney, Lisa Bloom, hold a news conference in Woodland Hills, California, to discuss the controversial photograph Griffin released.

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20 Responses

  1. steve STAR says:


  2. David Bann says:

    so its OLD WHITE GUYS…thats the real problem right?!?!?

  3. Rider in the Skies says:

    I really hope that lawyer gets taken to court over all these unconfirmed and false allegations. She’s awful.

  4. jacasforever says:

    she should kill herself, right now!!

  5. Joseph Lanzetta says:

    That’s what happens when you threat to kill a president

  6. Cathy Chisholm says:

    Really Kathy! You just made things much, much worse for yourself.

  7. Globalism is Treason says:

    From a veteran: Apology not accepted!

  8. baronoflight says:

    Unfortunately for Kathy those other artists who did similar “art” did it at appropriate platforms for that type of rhetoric. Doing that on cnn or being a cnn advocate just simply wasn’t a good idea.

  9. gdixonyoutuification says:

    oh gotcha – so now she’s the victim. I could care less about her stupid joke, but to try and turn it around and play the victim is just pathetic lol

  10. XYZsolution says:

    Kathy Griffin is mentally ill.

  11. Tammy Hamilton says:

    Waah. Poor me. I made a horrible decision and now I want to trash everyone cuz my feelings have a boo-boo. Suck it up buttercup. You made your bed. Sleep in it. PLEASE. Take a very long nap.

  12. RobPaul says:


  13. Karr Knutt says:

    Kathy if you could just Shut Your ugly-ass mouth and GO AWAY no one ever wants to see your horrible countenance again. DROP DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You no talent hack

  14. ECuevas says:

    Carrot Top called, he wants his ugly ass hair back!

  15. Jodie Sellers says:

    Her attorney is stupid too.

  16. Betty Wilma says:

    will SNL be doing a skit about this?

  17. robert wilber says:

    Kathy, I forgave you for the photo. But this press interview to attack the Trump family because of YOUR actions. I am done with you.

  18. JB3 says:

    Best part is the “secret service has reached out to her” part. If anyone else in this country would have showed a picture of the POTUS decapitated and continued to basically say that’s what should happen … we would have people banging our doors in. Lucky that celebrity status saved you from that part.

  19. Robert Rios says:

    i want to hold my own press conference but no body will watch hahaha

  20. Dustin Gregg says:

    expose the DNC, loose your life

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