FULL: President-Elect Donald Trump Victory Speech – Election night 2016

FULL: President-Elect Donald Trump Victory Speech – Election night 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump Victory Speech – Election night 2016

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20 Responses

  1. Lets Play says:

    R.I.P Mexico

  2. Sikdomeshot says:

    Putrid audio quality.

  3. Sanj S says:

    Congratulations President Trump !

  4. Mai A says:

    In the darkest hour there will be a light.

    Donald J. Trump I believe is one of those lights.

  5. Pat Quinn says:

    Let the poor kid go pee for God’s sake

  6. Finias says:

    That speech sounded so “unTrump” … maybe it won’t be that terrible
    Greetings from Germany

  7. mdolb says:

    Wow this is such a humble speech. Way to go. Touching.

  8. Daniel Osdinia says:

    I’m impatiently waiting to see whether he will tear Iran’s nuclear deal on
    the first day in the office! Iranian leader on the other hand promised if
    Trump would do so, he will burn the nuke deal!!

  9. Bob says:

    You did it. PRESIDENT TRUMP

  10. Epic Noodle says:

    so cant wait for south park to rip on this ellection

  11. Bootsie Collins says:

    1 minute into his Presidency and has already reneged about putting Hillary
    in jail.

  12. Jay M says:

    I was waiting for him to say something that makes him sound like an
    arrogant jerk. But it never happened. “I pledge to every citizen of our
    land, that I will be president for ALL Americans”. I sure hope so.

  13. Oxyg3n ReacT says:

    who is ready for America to get fucked hardcore for the next 4 years

  14. Motionlessblue15 says:

    Now…we wait and see if all those celebrities make good on their promise
    to leave the country now that Trump has won!!!

  15. Scooter Rallen says:

    This is one of those really Holy Crap … Earth Shaking…. Political
    Moments. The USA may someday elect a woman…. But thank GOD we did not
    elect Hillary. Donald Trump Loves America. He will be an Honorable Decent
    Defender and Restorer of America. God Bless America and Protect Donald J.
    Trump. Restore Law and Order !!!

  16. Marshall Ferguson says:

    Like the old proverb says, with great power, comes great responsibility.
    You are under the strict watch of the world, Mr. Trump. Do it well. Don’t
    screw up.

  17. praapje says:

    “You can’t always get what you want” (played at the end), but today we did!

  18. TheStarryboy (Trolling ends) says:

    Voted for Hillary but I congratulate president trump and his amazing VP
    Mike Pence ( incredible man)

  19. Gerardo Chaparro says:

    well i mean… at least we can make america great again?

  20. Splitty Nitty says:

    Let’s go, America isn’t as dumb and blind as I thought they would be. MAGA