Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on the Economy in Detroit, MI 8/8/16

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on the Economy in Detroit, MI 8/8/16

Monday, August 8, 2016: Donald J. Trump delivered remarks on the economy at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on the Economy in Detroit, MI 8/8/16

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20 Responses

  1. Cristian Jimenez says:

    booooooo DONAL TRUMP OK NO :V

  2. seadooman o says:

    vote for thrump

  3. flower power says:

    Donald looks very handsome today. Great speech too!!!

  4. I'm really tall and skinny says:

    this is racist and sexist omg someone call Huffington Post

  5. Morpayne RADIO says:

    Mainstream media is carrying no parts of this speech. Watch how much
    coverage Clinton’s economic speech gets though.

    The table is tilted folks.

  6. knockitofff says:

    Take your $25 check from the Clinton Foundation and go home, pig

  7. Tumor Boy says:

    TRUMP 2015

  8. Alex P Keaton says:

    Trump dumps his tax plans for Paul Ryan’s plans.
    Bait and switch. So disappointing.

  9. trainluvr says:

    Nobody can edit the first 15 minutes of nothing?

  10. Backstroker says:

    Trump is incredibly great, the only one telling the truth! I’m sure Hillary
    hired all those screaming low life people to interrupt his speech. It was
    about every few minutes one yelled out as though it was all planned…. We
    see through it.

  11. ME ME says:

    So this is where the retardation sprung to. Makes sense

  12. Sergent Green says:

    How many paid trolls, shrills and protesters are going to vote for Trump??

  13. Gary Grimm says:

    The deep divisions (there are more than one) in this country will not be
    surmounted by either candidate. That being true, to further immerse our
    government in layers of incompetence and dishonesty would be our downfall.
    Mr. Trump, attacked and belittled at every opportunity by CNN, CBS, NBC and
    ABC, appears determined to give us a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton.
    The same new networks, when not belittling Mr. Trump, are fostering an
    image of Hillary which is betrayed by her record. I believe Mr. Trump is
    our only hope to reverse the damage done to this Republic these past 15 1/2
    years. He is neither a perfect man or the perfect candidate, but he is the
    only candidate who represents the best interests of the America I love.

  14. jose perez says:

    Americanism not globalism!

  15. Whatever Name says:

    American Ignorant Rednecks 2016!!

  16. Baby King says:

    I’m moving to Canada if he becomes president

  17. James Wideman says:

    America First, American Sovereignty Restored !! Trump 2016 !!!!

  18. paulczar says:

    Where is security to get these assholes out. I don’t care what your
    political beliefs are, or how strongly you may oppose trump. This does not
    give you the right to interrupt and scream and shout at an organized trump
    event. You have free speech, but this doesn’t mean you can attend a private
    event and disrupt their event.

  19. James Russo says:

    This was Trump’s best speech. Plus, he showed incredible restraint
    regarding that stupid heckler.

  20. miguelpoky2 says:

    Donald starts speaking at 33:36