FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Akron, OH 8/22/16

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Akron, OH 8/22/16

Monday, August 22, 2016: Live stream coverage of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Akron, OH at James A. Rhodes Arena. Live coverage begins at 7:00 PM ET.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Akron, OH 8/22/16

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20 Responses

  1. shane NEdwicke says:

    Go Trump!!!

  2. newenglandwitchband says:

    What An Awesome Speech!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!

  3. TrollingWithReason says:

    Go Trump Australians for Trump no one here wants the ttp and their rotten
    Isds provisions either. If they vote Trump in the ttp will be consigned to
    the trash can so he is good for the USA he is good for Australia.

  4. Lacey Mims says:

    Landslide…and hopefully the literal (natural) death of both Clintons from
    the stress of this campaign.

  5. Frater Phaino says:

    You can actually hear the people RUMBLE! Holy crap, that arena must be
    absolutely full!

  6. John Campbell says:

    TRUMP 2016, ALL THE WAY! Globalist traitors, be advised. Your reign is
    over. America is coming back!

  7. A Stuijt says:

    Has YouTube blocked this video of Donald Trump’s rally in Akron Ohio on 22
    august 2016 ? YouTube says ”error occurred (playback ID Azcs0S5niVYnNA5D

  8. You Tube says:

    Why does the media say that women don’t like Trump. It looks like theres
    even more women than men in that crowd.

  9. Elizabeth Masc says:

    Barak Hussein Obama for Federal Prison for Committing War Crimes Against
    the United States of America! Crooked Hil-LIAR-y for Federal Prison
    Infirmary for War Crimes Against the United States of America, Gun Running
    and Money-Laundering. Donald J. Trump for President of the United States
    of America! #TrumpForPresident!

  10. Ethercruiser1 says:

    The speeches keep getting better, harder hitting against Hillary, more
    detailed solutions to problems and Hillary’s legal problems just keep
    mounting (as well apparently as her health issues). It’s Trump vs the
    Establishment (Lying, Crooked Hillary, all the Democrat Party, a lot of the
    Republican Party, the bankers, Wall Street, Hollywood & the controlled,
    “presstitute” MSM).
    Trump will win. KEEP THESE SPEECHES COMING!! Nobody in their right mind
    should vote for Hillary.

  11. Dustin Gomez says:

    that girl on the left of trump <3 OH EM GEE!

  12. Sean Cash says:

    Please God keep this great man safe. We don’t just want Trump, WE NEED
    HIM!!! Who else can break through the layers of corruption against the
    American people?? Do you really think Hillary is going to do anything to
    help the American working class in this Country?? The corrupt government
    establishment and special interests cannot let this man become president
    and they will stop at NOTHING to stop him. The more popular he gets the
    more I fear for his safety… Trump needs to dramatically beef up his
    security and must be video taped every single second of every single day
    until election day and throughout his TERMS as President! Forever Trump
    2016 & 2020

  13. Charles Baxter says:

    *FACT Democrats have Demolished all the Inner Cities of America and they
    are left in total Chaos!

  14. Marlene Guzman says:

    The peoples Champ!

  15. Charles Baxter says:

    WOW! What a Powerball Speech, Gotta Believe he got what it takes to “Make
    America Great again”

  16. Joe L says:

    He looks and sounds like a million bucks. Hes telling it all like it is.
    Hes the best thing ever.

  17. Marlene Guzman says:

    Hes crushing them. I love it!

  18. John Morgan says:

    Hopefully the Clinton reign of terror is over soon.

  19. Guss Manning says:

    How many people were here? Trump definitely get’s the crowds. Hillary just
    sleeps through all of this. How many rallies has she had since the DNC?

  20. Kr8dle says:

    Mr.Trump Is looking and Sounding real good!