Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Rochester, NY (4-10-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Rochester, NY (4-10-16)

Sunday, April 10, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Rochester, NY at JetSmart Aviation.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Rochester, NY (4-10-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Beverly Brown says:

    You are amazing Mr.Trump!

  2. Decebalvs says:

    braindead pieces of shit

  3. HashbeanSC2 says:


  4. GeekyKiller15 says:

    what a bunch of dimwhits. Trump is a loser

  5. Justin Shaw says:

    This is a crooked system folks.

  6. inkythinker says:

    Sick of the Disgusting Lyin’ Creepy Socialist/Communist Control-Freak Media
    and their Masters!!! Voting for Trump, all the way!!!!!!!!

  7. parker374 says:

    Bury Cruz in NY and lets get on with winning this thing.

    TRUMP ASAP !!!!

  8. Morgoth from Angband says:

    I hope you Trump fans won’t run amok when he doesn’t become president.

  9. joe pearl says:

    Saudi Arabia can buy up our land 14k acres in Arizona then bring down our
    water tables for local residents. China is doing this too. We have a hard
    time buying homes in our own country and then a foreign country can?

  10. nick john says:

    I just don’t want him hurt

  11. Aion Ios says:

    The New York Times was founded 164 years ago, and had a revenue of 1.588
    billion dollars in 2014. I don’t think they will be going out of business
    in a year.

  12. Nolan W says:

    Needs to win NY by 50%.. I hope so!!

  13. Anton K says:

    Ted Cruz is a poop butt.

  14. EdSkull09 says:

    lol like Drumpf has ever read the bible he’s only claimed to have met 2
    corinthians and made an amazing deal and he is an amazing liar that says
    amazing a lot

  15. PizzaFreak2000 says:

    Why is rsbn always trending

  16. Mary Reed says:


  17. chris fearless says:

    poor donald trump. nice generic music because no one wants you to use their
    songs. no one. wonder why no musicians want to be associated with you.

  18. Lexi Robinson says:

    he should burn in hell

  19. Thupten Thupten says:

    Take jobs back from cheating countries like China! Beat the hell out of
    them on trade!

  20. Jose Martinez says:

    Donald should win New York as much he has paid politicians over the years.
    It their turn to return the favor ( Rudy Giuliani )