Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Evansville, IN (4-28-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Evansville, IN (4-28-16)

Thursday, April 28, 2016: Full replay of the Donald Trump for President rally in Evansville, IN at the Old National Events Plaza.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Evansville, IN (4-28-16)

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20 Responses

  1. MillCityJam says:

    Build that Wall !! Lets keep Drumpf out of Cleveland !!

  2. Jesus Ramos says:

    You Suck donald trump MÉXICO IS BETTER THEN YOU

  3. w9ill says:

    Haha I was just Trolling Hillary Clintons Facebook page

  4. Alecia Anderson says:

    Oh my god, I see stupid people commenting on dumb shit. I not sure if I
    need help after reading these comments or any of the political supporters.
    makes me sick😝😝😝

  5. riptorn says:

    pinche vato mamon

  6. Chad Rushing says:

    Bobby Knight for VP I want him to choke the hell out of Hillary and Obama

  7. Musto123ify says:

    Trump for King 2016 KING TRUMP

  8. ExopMan says:

    Comment section made my eyes bleed.

  9. Hunter Jones says:

    Trump and Knight are very similar people, they are unapologetic, they say
    whats on their mind, they don’t back down, and they don’t give a rats ass
    who approves of them, qualities most winners have.

  10. av4d says:

    This has nothing to do with my political bias but what’s with Trump’s
    supporters overusing the words “losers”. I’ve noticed that a lot in this
    comment section?

  11. John Wayne says:

    His name should be Donald Dumb

  12. Nathan Bermudez says:

    I hate trump

  13. strawberrycough22 says:

    walls that keep things out,
    also keeps things in.

  14. Geremy Brooks says:

    all of you are dumb for supporting this thing

  15. Brian Keith says:

    Go Trump!!! I cannot wait till he is our President! !!!!

  16. Oilsmoke Jones says:

    Sanders losers have to know there is plenty of room on the TRUMP
    Express to beat Crooked Hillary….trade their welfare for jobs and earn
    their self respect back…

  17. Marcus Starr says:

    From Expat in SE ASIA Go TRUMP go.!

  18. Emmanuel Martinez says:


  19. GlobalVortex says:

    Indiana for Trump!

  20. Cheeky T says:

    Nuke USA