Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Warwick, RI (4-25-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Warwick, RI (4-25-16)

Monday, April 25, 2016: Full replay of the Donald Trump for President Rally in Warwick, RI at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Warwick, RI (4-25-16)

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19 Responses

  1. Paul F says:


  2. The Silent Majority says:

    Let’s be honest here. If Donald Trump was a black man and was parading
    around the country with this same carnival act….you guys would absolutely
    hate him. You rubes would be grabbing everything from your pitchforks to
    your AR-15s and storming the gates of every Trump rally in the country. The
    only reason you like this freak show is because the words are coming out of
    a white man’s mouth.

    Could you imagine if a black man was parading around the country mocking
    POWs, insulting Megyn Kelly and Fox News, boycotting debates, saying he
    could shoot someone and referring to his penis during a debate? You would
    be ready to lynch the guy and I mean that literally. But when Trump does
    these disgraceful things you rubes say ”Thank you Donald Trump for Making
    America White Again.”


  3. Brij Patel says:

    I came here just to dislike.
    Ok bye and have a nice day,

  4. Daniel Mossett says:

    there is no hope 😧

  5. Icy Alpaca says:

    Yeah my state!

  6. Jason Betancourt says:

    trumps assassination 2016

  7. Hokeya14 Thereal1 says:

    Trump look like a cabron

  8. Jesus Valdez says:

    he sucks

  9. Tyler Moebius says:

    so this is why they think Americans are stupid…. vote for not-trump he
    has better political goals

  10. I am super serious says:

    It scares me that children are smarter than adults….I mean most children
    hate trump and adults seem to love him…

  11. Andrea Esquivel says:

    what the F he sucks!

  12. Austin Eggiman says:

    If he gets any tanner he’ll have to deport himself lol

  13. Kristian Vicente says:

    f u trump

  14. Lysy2 says:

    Battleship USS ‘Donald J Trump’ firing broadsides … and takin’ incoming !
    Who else gives a f..k about places like Rhode Island?
    Lyin’ Ted? NO!
    Crooked Hillary? NO!
    Milktoast Kasich? NO!
    Commie Bernie? NO!
    ..only Trump came in and show some interest and ASKED for votes and

  15. aman aman says:

    ted cruz is a liar, in his ad he said trump wanted to break up nato.

  16. Jasmine Skunk says:

    I want to ask Trump supporters why they like Trump, but I don’t ask to
    start a fight. I am genuinely confused by it. I have heard people say
    things like… He’s more trusted because he’s not a politician or that he
    is rich so they think he can make America rich.
    But, this confuses me. Why do people think he can do this VERY IMPORTANT
    job without training or experience?
    I know a very talented landscape artist, but even though he is quite
    skilled in his art form, I would not want him to be my surgeon if I needed
    brain surgery.
    And when was it decided that rich businessmen were ever “on the side” of
    the “average” American? That part confuses me, too… Why do people believe
    him, or anything he promises? So confusing.

  17. Thunkful2 says:

    got to

  18. IBelieveInGod904 says:

    Can’t wait until Trump terrorizes America and Begins WWIII , Trump 2016!!

  19. JayJayMessy says:

    school down the street