Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in La Crosse, WI (4-4-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in La Crosse, WI (4-4-16)

Monday, April 4, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign event in La Crosse, WI at the La Crosse Center.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in La Crosse, WI (4-4-16)

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19 Responses

  1. EsspressoMan1 says:

    Mr Trump you will do even better in the polls if you stop bashing other
    political candidates that are not even in the race anymore. you dont need
    to prove that your better just stay focused on your platform and you will
    do Great!!!!

  2. Anton K says:

    *Hillary* = Satan’s wife; *Cruz* = discount Mayor Quimby; *Kasich* = a
    homosexual potato;
    *Trump* = President.

  3. Keven Thompson says:

    nice music choice

  4. Uni Stef says:


  5. Bonapartist says:

    What the hell is it with the music ? Crowd reaction is a part of the event.

  6. Ken Moxley says:

    And thank you for your spelling correction. 

  7. alyssalol1 says:

    Ew trump

  8. gacj2010 says:

    If he controls immigration it will 1. decrease crime 2. free jobs and
    putting people who pay taxes in the jobs 3. put an ease on schools and
    special programs 4. let up on illegals getting healthcare 5. rid us of
    Obamacare and escalating prices 6. limit multiculturalism and language. and
    cease Obama from bringing over one hundred thousand islamists with 1-2%
    ISIS embedded.And if he brings industry here and stop Obama and Hillary
    from sharing our wealth in giving up our profitsI will be happy….and I
    can say without guilt Merry Christmas

  9. Pob 1 says:

    that tan tho

  10. ShadowReaperGames says:

    I hope Trump dies in a car accident, or worse

  11. ruizhe ma says:

    Nah, #feelthebern !!!!

  12. Whatever Name says:

    American Ignorant Rednecks 2016!!

  13. OldSoul says:

    In the thumbnail, the hands make it look like Hitler isn’t wearing pants

  14. JEREMIAH GMIAH says:

    puppet show LOL

  15. Human Footprint says:

    LIAR TED IS A WASTED VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. MrSennosuke says:

    Donald Trump…..more like Donald Dump

  17. Kaylee Sanders says:

    vote for Bernie sanders

  18. sheridanbucket says:

    Have ya witnessed any difference between the DNC Establishment and the RNC
    Establishment? Remember all the promises and plans from the Romney-Ryan
    campaign? Have ya seen Paul Ryan and the RNC Establishment follow through
    with anything? The RNC Establishment is in bed with Ted. If Ted can’t win,
    the RNC Establishment will simply cave in to Hillary, the same way they
    have caved in to Obama. I would rather them have to cave in to President
    Donald J. Trump!

  19. Humanity b 4 Religion says:

    Vote Trump.