Full Speech: Donald Trump Town Hall in Daytona Beach, FL 8/3/16

Full Speech: Donald Trump Town Hall in Daytona Beach, FL 8/3/16

Wednesday, August 3, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President town hall event in Daytona Beach, FL at the Ocean Center.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Town Hall in Daytona Beach, FL 8/3/16

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20 Responses

  1. Tear Jerker says:

    A beautiful speech

  2. Erika Monterroso says:

    Hillary needs a desperate enema to flush out the lies…

  3. Star dusting says:

    Wish you would turn that bloody music off so we can hear the crowd……

  4. SpeakEasyEntertainment says:

    World-class pandering, very fascinating.. and terrifying.

  5. coolsunshine9747 says:

    I recently found out that we cannot get a nonresident concealed carry
    permit in NY, NJ, DE & MD… My friend who is a single mother w/a teenage
    daughter wants to use a concealed carry for protection when they travel. If
    they go to those states & some creep is hiding, watches them check into a
    hotel room by themselves, & breaks in, the only thing they are allowed to
    do is “call 911”. Seriously?! So that will be easy to do if they are DEAD!
    At the same time our politicians are allowed to have their own guns & have
    bodyguards who carry guns to protect them. Everyone needs to do their
    research. Find out which politicians run those states. Find out which
    political party they are affiliated with. Watch & listen to EVERY media out
    there, even the ones certain politicians do not want us to listen to or
    watch. DON’T fall for identity politics & race baiters. Use VARIOUS search
    engines. Make an educated & logical decision when voting! HC is NOT good
    for women!

  6. zekedog 111 says:

    Very very intresting what happened to the feed at 1 :12:34

  7. Wyndham Juneau says:

    he’s a magnet for dem white folk

  8. dayonthebeach somewhere says:

    great job Daytona, florida what a turn out ……forget the tv media . the
    Donald to kicking ass big time, go trump/pence16this is incredible
    …4hundred million dollars to iran , oboma is a failed president ….

  9. duytan nguyen says:

    Don the Con Artist ( Continue – Version 19 – August 03, 2016)

    Don the con artist
    Today he makes us vomited again
    By saying the insane
    That he wants an “easier” Purple Heart

    Purple Heart is a medal
    Reserved for the brave
    Who died in action
    Who wound defending this beautiful nation

    Donnie the ugly racist
    Attempted to avoid the drafted
    During the Vietnam war
    Not one, not three, but six

    Now all he’s ever wanted
    A sacred military decoration
    That bestowed upon courageous Americans
    Deceased while fighting for America
    The land of the free
    And the home of the brave

    Don the con artist
    Tried to compare his “sacrifice”
    In building a whole bunch of concrete buildings
    That have no spirit and no soul
    To the one who died while fighting
    Defending our freedom and ways of life

    Don the con artist
    Why do you go so low?
    Why do you disrespect the military?
    Especially the ones who gave their fresh bodies for this country?

    Duytan Nguyen (Seattle, Washington)

  10. Sharon Geary says:

    This needs to be seen and heard! Strong women speaking up for Donald Trump!

  11. ARNOLD BOWIE says:

    do Trump mean make America Great Again is he saying make America WHITE

  12. ARNOLD BOWIE says:

    do Trump mean make America Great Again is he saying make America WHITE

  13. ARNOLD BOWIE says:

    Why so many white Peaple at the Trump event

  14. zekedog 111 says:

    how do ya spend 10 tril in 8????

  15. emmy hathaway says:

    This is so sad, he cannot finish a thought, please Mr. Trump be an advisor
    the Republican President, but please Mr. Trump step down! Why would you do
    this? Why would you bring all of this up again? Please, Please step down.

  16. emmy hathaway says:

    No Policy, No talk about what is really going on in the world. He is not

  17. Mike Myers says:

    Those audio issues are quite suspicious

  18. melissa chartrand says:

    they cut parts out of this speech

  19. MrBiggieRock says:

    So very few people here understand what it takes for a Republican to win a
    presidential election, Trump has to win Ohio, Florida and all the
    traditional Republican states and 2 others, all Hillary has to do is win
    Florida and she in. Anyone here sees Trump winning Florida or even Ohio,
    forget all the national polls, I just laid it out for you, go back and
    check Mitt Romney and George Bush, you can forget this election, let’s go
    have a beer.

  20. M Robs says:

    that blonde behind (in white) is sooo sexy!!!!