Full Speech: Donald Trump Town Hall in Janesville, WI (3-29-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Town Hall in Janesville, WI (3-29-16)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016: Tuesday, March 29, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a town hall event in Janesville, WI at the Holiday Inn Express and Janesville Conference Center.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Town Hall in Janesville, WI (3-29-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Samuel Martinez says:

    if trump gets elected I’ll file bankruptcy.

  2. 22fordfx4 says:

    2016 in my opinion will be a critical year in America. We will either be
    legalizing all of the illegals (stupid Hillary or Bernie) or actually
    enforcing our laws and building a wall (my man trump). The choice is yours.
    Choose wisely.

  3. marcel j says:


  4. Balls McGee says:

    Cat behavior consultants love Trump!

  5. Gabe M says:

    people hate on trump for no reasons i can find. he is honest and isnt
    afraid to say what most americans feel. i love trump no matter what anyone

  6. DOC Ohm says:

    The fact Trump doesnt need any of that lobbyist money IS one of the reasons
    he gets my vote. Obviously he scares the hell out of both the left and
    right establishments, for that fact again he gets my vote. Hillary has
    another judge on her ass, and Bernie is out of his mind with his socialist
    Trump 2016

  7. Charlotte Clark says:

    I hope somebody shoots him

  8. Pete Griffin says:

    The KKK supports this message.

  9. SÑR RSCN says:

    TRUMP 2016!

  10. Jesse Villalobos says:

    why does a racist, making fun of disability’s, messed up human being even
    get the right to run for being a countries leader? well because this
    country praises things like the kardashians and stuff. that’s why. 🙂 this
    is why we can’t have nice things.

  11. Johnnie Maul says:

    Mr. @realDonaldTrump In an interview on Trump 1 with reporters stated “I
    have 700 bikers waiting for me in Wis. when I land” #BikersforTrump

  12. jesusfish says:

    Trump should nominate Adam sandler to be his running mate

  13. Clark Swanson says:


  14. Daniel Howard says:

    Trump is correct in most of the things that he says, it would seem to me.
    You get a very different feeling when he speaks in his plane about his
    campaign manager than you get in papers and in the media. It is
    disconcerting. It would seem the media is so politically correct they jump
    to conclusions about the happenings with the campaign manager. I did not
    know the campaign manager had four children and was a highly decent man.

    One thing that bugs me about the trial by media is the following. Imagine
    if it is as the media paints it and the campaign manager lost it for some
    reason. Is there no consideration for the context of the situation? These
    rallies of Trump’s are very highly attended and in some sense are unique
    and unprecedented. Surely nothing can go 100 percent right, particularly as
    rivals send agitators to disrupt them. I feel for Trump and tend to agree
    he has been treated unfairly by the press. They have no heart and all
    intent on condemning him because he speaks for the common man and says it
    as it is. We need him in the world as a breath of fresh air. We can accept
    his small flaws because we desperately need and want his strengths. The
    media and the “intelligentsia” are very cruel with him because his style
    challenges them, even when he jokes around with them.

    Those figures for Wisconsin, the 20% unemployment, the 800k food stamp
    recipients are absolutely shocking for this state, lest we forget this is a
    founding state of the United States of America, a state of hard working
    German and Norwegian farmers, people who were tough enough to withstand its
    cold climate and work, work hard to build America. I hope they elect Donald
    Trump in this MOST AMERICAN OF STATES, so that he can restore American jobs
    for the citizens of Wisconsin!!!

  15. ninnie smith says:

    I have worked on the other side of those cameras , it is impossible to
    falsify evidence.Trump is 1000% wright.

  16. ‫شخص الأبيض قطع رأس‬‎ says:

    أنا سوف يقتل لك ولعائلتكبسم الله سبحانه وتعالى ، الموت ل أمريكا يجب عليك أن
    تكون مقطوعة الرأس

  17. rRockRain says:

    Cruz is owned and controlled by the establishment . If Cruz is elected ,
    Trumps policies on building the wall , restricting Muslim immigration ,
    bringing jobs back to America , WILL never happen . Go TRUMP !,,,,, It will
    happen !

  18. Peter Hensel says:

    Thanks for mentioning the drug problem in New Hampshire. Please stop the
    drug problem.

  19. Monkey Trouble says:

    Your videos are so good! I don’t see this from Fox,I like how candid it is.

  20. Daniel Howard says:

    “we are not in the theater we are in the real world” (the pauses that both
    Cruz and Obama take in their speech). Priceless comment by Trump!